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Low meat recipe, all flavors

Every morningImmediately after breakfast, ask my wife what she wants for dinner. Nine out of ten, her answer is the same, so this is an almost meaningless exercise. It’s a vegetable. She smiles as she exits the door on her way to a farm that grows organic vegetables to earn a living.

I love vegetables and I love meat. Had I not started cutting with farm vegetables, I would have eaten more meat than I do now.

Vegetables are popular these days. Eleven Madison Park, a three-Michelin star in Manhattan, has become a vegan restaurant and the culinary website Epicurious has completely abolished the beef recipe. This is disappointing in many ways. My wife will tell you that organic farming is not possible without the input of animals. It is important that these animals are well managed and properly treated, and there are many small farms that are doing things right.

Breeding meat animals in the right way costs more. These costs are passed on to the consumer. Reducing the amount of meat used per serving is a way to continue to support small farms and to grow more expensive meat. In our home, it is in mutual favor.

Most days, I keep meat below an ounce per serving and add vegetables to the recipe. Our Sloppy Joe is primarily carrots and beets, containing a small amount of meat to maintain a high enough flavor and protein levels to satisfy the desire for meat.

Low meat recipe, all flavors

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