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LSU tennis star’s parents ‘astonished’ by inaction after reports of football player’s abuse | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Former LSU tennis star Jade Lewis’s parents said on Sunday that they were disappointed with how LSU managers responded to reports that Louis was repeatedly abused by footballers and senior management could not properly investigate. It was.

A highly advertised tennis outlook from New Zealand, Lewis registered for the LSU and began playing for the tennis team during the 2017 season. However, as Lewis is on the LSU’s tennis roster, an increasingly fierce body from LSU’s wide receiver Drake Davis while completing “one of the most prolific freshman seasons in program history.” He said he was also facing physical abuse.

Hundreds of LSU students marched on campus on Friday afternoon, demanding that the university clean the house and stop protecting students. Especially…

Police reported that on April 14, 2018, Davis sent a text message to Verge Ausberry, Deputy Director of Athletics, admitting that he had hit Lewis with his stomach. In an interview with The Advocate on November 18, Ausberry called Davis after receiving the text message and said Davis withdrew his confession. However, Ausbury admitted that he did not attempt to report Davis to the police, the University Title IX office, or anyone else.

In a joint statement with his wife Rosalia, David Lewis said, “My wife and I were surprised and disappointed that athletic deputy director Barge Ausbury was happy with how things were handled recently. I have. “

“On April 14, 2018, after being notified of the assault that the abuser had assaulted our daughter, Mr. Ausbury was required by law to report the abuse to Title IX,” Lewis said. Added. “He didn’t do this.”

Last week began when an image of Samantha Brennan was published in newspapers across the country and she first spoke …

The Lewis family is famous as a tennis star in New Zealand. David Lewis is a former professional tennis player.

Ausbury told Advocate in an interview that after Davis sent him a text message, he would have called the police if he knew what he knew now and could do it all. Still, he said he was “very happy with my decision” and was not worried about losing his job for not reporting Davis’ abuse.

TitleIX experts told The Advocate that Ausberry’s failure to report appears to violate federal law that protects students from gender discrimination, including sexual violence. According to experts, Davis also poses a danger to other students on campus.

When an LSU footballer admitted to hitting his girlfriend in text, he sent a bot to Verge Ausberry, Deputy Director of Athletics …

After USA Today released an investigation on November 16 revealing widespread failure at LSU to respond to reports of sexual assault and violence, LSU told law firm Husch Blackwell the past on such cases. I asked you to investigate the handling and policy of. However, during that time, LSU officials responded mostly to specific complaints about story-designated managers accused of failing to respond appropriately to reports of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other types of abuse. I have not.

For example, Ausbury remains a member of the LSU’s president-elect search committee. In light of the accusation, President James Williams was asked if Ausbury should continue to be a member of the committee, saying “absolutely.”

Tennis coaches Mike and Julia Cell are also faced with growing accusations that they did not respond after multiple tennis players and parents reported sexual assault and violence from LSU football players.

Former LSU tennis player Jade Lewis has accused LSU women’s tennis coach Julia Cell of disagreeing while several have reported …

“Our daughter has issued her own official statement that tennis coaches Michael and Julia Cell did not report these legally mandated assaults to Title IX,” said David and Rosalia Lewis. Said in.

Selles denied these allegations in a recent statement posted on Julia Cell’s Twitter account. However, Sell immediately blocked public access to his account and the statement disappeared.

What should I know about LSU's handling of sexual misconduct?

The Advocate | Times-P…, as the new report sheds light on LSU’s failure to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct and Title IX violations.

Jade Lewis accused Sells of betraying her after his teammates reported that the denial was a “blatant lie” and that Davis was abusing her. David Lewis also reported to Mike Cell in 2017 concerns about Davis’s abuse of his daughter twice, saying Mike Cell had wiped them out.

Davis pleaded guilty to two counts of his dating partner’s battery and one count of a violation of the protection order in the Lewis case. He was arrested again in 2019 for a number of domestic violence against another woman.

LSU tennis star’s parents ‘astonished’ by inaction after reports of football player’s abuse | News Source link LSU tennis star’s parents ‘astonished’ by inaction after reports of football player’s abuse | News

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