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LSU vs. Florida: How to watch, cover story, analysis, predictions, top players and more | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-16 02:30:00 –

LSU No.20 Florida

Saturday 11am •• Tiger Stadium •• ESPN

It started with a tragic trip to Kentucky. It seems that it is getting worse from there.

Four starters have been declared for the rest of the year since Wildcats pushed the LSU last Saturday with a 42-21 win that felt more biased than the final score. It will be a total of 9 starters for the season.

The Tigers are 11½ points underdog against Florida. Of course, Saturday’s match comes with an early wake-up call, which is a kick-off at 11am at the stadium, which prefers to come back to life at night.

So what happens in the light of all this madness? Can LSU (3-3, 1-2 Southeastern Conference) cause another upset against Florida (4-2, 2-2)? And since this season is already on its side, how does LSU, with its surprisingly depleted roster, manage the rest of its schedule?

We cover all angles.

Cover Story: Where does it hurt?

Just this week, four key players, Cation Butt, Elias Rix, Ali Gay and Joseph Evans, have been removed from the season. “These are not uncommon injuries,” said Jack Marucci, director of performance innovation at LSU. “But it’s rarely this much.” Our own rear van takes Deep diving about how many things went wrong for so many tigers..

Scott Lavalais:

Tiger Stadium is one of the loudest and best sports venues in the world. But what about Saturday? With a 11:00 am kick-off between the struggling LSU and No. 20 Florida, the stadium could be half full.When Given the type of LSU season, Tiger Stadium is expected to be thin, average and lacking in patience...


Do you need a prediction for this match? are you sure? Really? Has anyone taken LSU? Wilson Alexander, Scott Lavalle, Sheldon Mickles and Zack Ewing join..

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Best Video Games of the Week:

Listen … if you’re at home today and want to surf the channel … I won’t tell anyone. In fact, it will tell you where to look.Sheldon Mickles will supply you 5 best matchups on Saturday with kick-off time and network..

Inside the betting line:

This is the biggest spread LSU has faced as a home underdog (to anyone but Alabama) since 2001. It was Nick Saban’s first year at LSU, and the Tigers lost to Steve Sparia and Florida 44-15. Zach Ewing examines line movement and over / under..

4 keys:

How can LSU get rid of yet another upset of the Gators without fog or flying shoes? The important thing is to improve the stoppage of the run and get big play from the young first starter. Wilson Alexander disassembles it..

Take a look at Florida’s top players:

Get to know the stars of the Gators: Cornerback Kaia Elam, Quarterback Emory Jones, Defensive Harness Zachary Carter.

SEC ranking, No. From 1-14:

Sheldon Mickles is, of course, the new number one … but is Kentucky really number two? And how far did LSU fall? Sheldon scales up the conference and focuses on Kentucky-Georgia..

And finally …

If you’re reading this from Louisiana, you know we’re heading for some great weather (finally)-the sharp drop in anticyclone and humidity in the ’70s. That is the only reason for the celebration. Enjoy the game and enjoy the day.

LSU vs. Florida: How to watch, cover story, analysis, predictions, top players and more | LSU Source link LSU vs. Florida: How to watch, cover story, analysis, predictions, top players and more | LSU

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