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‘Luca’ is the rare Pixar film that sinks – Kansas City, Missouri

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Tucson, Arizona — Mediocre Just don’t float In the name of Pixar.

“Luka” is struggling to dog paddle to avoid sinking in the sea of ​​expectations that accompany the Pixar brand. This is one of the studio’s weakest efforts and may show how difficult it is to maintain standards of excellence in annual releases.

Unlike almost all Pixar movies, “Luka” is particularly moving, original, and not visually dazzling. The story winds like a lazy summer day with little urgency or momentum.

Set in the Italian Riviera in the mid-20th century, Luka tells a long and lazy story about acceptance and teenage anxiety.

The plot is like a mixture of “Brave” and “The Little Mermaid”. A 13-year-old sea monster, Luka (Jacob Trambray) learns to become a human every time she emerges. He meets Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer) in the same place and forms a mischievous trio with social exile Julia (Emma Berman). They frequently collide with the town bully Elkor (Saverio Lymond).

Coming-of-age comedy struggles to make jokes stand out and help the story get hooked on you.

In his directorial debut, Enrico Casarosa from Italy captures the taste of his hometown, but struggles to connect emotional nodes.

Maya Rudolph and Jim Gaffigan conclude the voice appearance, providing a non-stimulating performance for Bargainbin’s cliché characters.

“Luke” has some unpleasant moments, such as violent and strange moments of violent language, which are the most interesting. The movie is still pretty enough for families with young children, but it rarely appeals to tykes like adults do.

“Luka That Summer” is like a passionate movie made by the Commission, lost in the ocean and floating in the ocean of Disney +’s better choices.

Rating: 2 out of 4 stars.
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‘Luca’ is the rare Pixar film that sinks Source link ‘Luca’ is the rare Pixar film that sinks

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