Lucido’s answer to Tesla’s autopilot is called Dream Drive

  • Lucido Reveals details of the DreamDrive Advanced Driver Assistance System designed to provide semi-autonomous capabilities and upgrades with OTA updates.
  • In the car manufacturer’s system, the driver monitors the road, grabs the steering wheel, Level 2 features..
  • Lucid is also working on Level 3 features and states that it will work in some operating conditions.

    this week Lucid Motors, Only a few days after starting its production 520 mile air sedanRevealed the first details of DreamDrive’s advanced driver assistance system. Tesla autopilot When Fully automatic driving Above all, the system. The system has 32 sensor inputs, including ultrasonic and radar sensors, 18 cameras, solid-state lidar, and a sensor that monitors the driver’s attention.

    DreamDrive offers a group of features called Highway Pilots that combine adaptive cruise control and lane centering, as well as traffic jam assistance that works at speeds of 0-40 mph. Responds to the movement of other vehicles around. “The infrared driver camera tracks head position, line of sight, and blinking, and hands-off detection prompts the driver to immediately return to the steering wheel.” Automaker’s note..

    DreamDrive also offers automatic parking. This allows the sedan to identify parallel and vertical spots and automatically enter them to manage steering and drive inputs.

    Lucid Motors

    The hardware behind the system is what Lucid calls an Ethernet ring. Ethernet rings are high-speed data networks that relay data at gigabit speeds and enable system redundancy, each using four computer gateways located in one of the four corners of the sedan. Rapid data transmission.

    Eugene Lee, Senior Director of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), said: Autonomous driving with Lucid Motors. “Thanks to our highly integrated hardware and software team, Lucid can develop new features for DreamDrive Pro in-house, from the frequency of updates to the planned deployment of the Highway Pilot system. It benefits every aspect of the experience, for conditional autonomous driving on certain roads over the next few years. “

    At this point, it’s wise to just pay attention to what DreamDrive does. No promise.

    For starters, it doesn’t promise that drivers can get their attention off the road. Also, the driver monitoring sensor ensures that the steering wheel is always released, so the driver may not always be able to release the steering wheel. So, there are certainly some warnings here that point to systems that don’t have the crazy features to keep an eye on for Level 3 and Level 4 systems. Already available on other vehicles.. For now, it seems to be a purely Level 2 system like Tesla’s Autopilot or FSD.

    society NS Please note that Level 3 features are working, at least in limited circumstances.

    “The Lucid DreamDrive technology suite will support 19 major safety, driving and parking assistance features available on Lucid Air shortly after production, and eight more will be available later in a wireless (OTA) update. We are also developing an additional DreamDrive feature that will allow Level 3 operation under certain conditions, “Lucid said in 2020.

    The company also adds that highway pilots with conditional hands-free capabilities will be available in the future.

    The main hardware advantage of Lucid’s system could be the inclusion of solid-state lidar, which is Tesla. avoided For many years in favor of moving to a camera-only system, DreamDrive has taken a very cautious approach to Level 2 autonomy and seems to be no longer offering hands-free driving at this time. GM’s future ultra cruise system.. So while it certainly has a much richer sensor suite than any other advanced driver assistance system on the market offers, it doesn’t push the boundaries for the foreseeable future.

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Lucido’s answer to Tesla’s autopilot is called Dream Drive

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