Luggage stolen at Hopkins Airport – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-12-01 20:14:46 –

Cleveland (WJW) – FOX 8 I-Team I found yet another case of luggage stolen from Hopkins Airport.

I’ve previously exposed a thief stolen from an airplane traveler there, so I’m asking what’s going on about it. In fact, the Kaiyahoga County prosecutor is now wondering.

Cleveland police reported that another thief left at Hopkins Airport with someone’s luggage last month.

Over the last two years, I-Team has reported more than six times about scammers who blend in with the crowd and steal bags.

In a recent case, police arrested Kenneth Woods and a Kaiyahoga county prosecutor charged him with a felony theft.

To ruin Woods, airport police checked security cameras. They saw the thief jump on the RTA train with his luggage.

Police then say they found the suspect at Rapid Stop West 65 with a stolen suitcase. The suitcase was still tagged with an airline with the traveler’s name on it.

All of this prompted Michael O’Malley, a prosecutor in Kaiyahoga County.

“We have a problem and we need to do something to fix it,” he said. “No one should be able to walk down the street and leave the airport with a bag.”

Last winter, I-Team introduced a man suspected of stealing luggage arrested by police in an airport bathroom.

However, not all of these crimes have been resolved. Last year we met a family who had a broken heart after a thief stole his luggage with the ashes of his deceased loved one.

On Wednesday, 10 minutes after arriving at Hopkins, we also noticed that a handful of suitcases had been left behind. There was no one.

So I contacted the airport and learned that Hopkins was paying special attention to the baggage claim.

The airport issued a statement stating: “At CLE, ensuring all guest safety is of paramount concern. All of our collaborative approaches, including airline partners, local and federal law enforcement agencies, employees and other partners, are all. It plays an important role in ensuring the safety of guests and their belongings. At the airport, we work closely with the airport community to ensure that future incidents are prevented in the event of an incident. Consider what you can do to determine what you need to do. “

This is all because I-Team learned of yet another recent case of unresolved luggage theft.

Some passengers we met told us they weren’t taking the chance and were trying to keep an eye on their bags.

In the baggage claim carousel, one woman said, “I’m still afraid to lose my luggage. That’s why I’m standing here.”

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