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Luke Mixon challenges U.S. Sen. John Kennedy to expand background checks on gun buyers | Elections – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-05-28 06:45:00 –

Democrat Luke Mixon, who is campaigning to defeat US Senator John Kennedy this fall, is calling on Kennedy to support requesting a background check on all gun sales.

“The background check does not stop all shooting deaths, but it will save lives,” Mixon said. “In addition, 90% of Americans support this measure. The background check is a good start and it’s time to act.”

Mixon issued his statement on Tuesday after a shooter killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Texas. It happened 10 days after a white supremacist shot down 10 black shoppers in a grocery store in Buffalo.

“I can’t imagine the pain and heartache that parents endure when a child’s life is shortened by meaningless violence,” Mixon added.

Republican Kennedy has accused violence, but it doesn’t seem to be politically active.

When asked if he would support extending background checks to gun shows and internet sales, Kennedy said in a statement: And frankly the cause. Unfortunately, what we got from Washington when these tragedies happened is the political grandeur of self-satisfaction rather than a feasible solution. For many, gun control means banning guns, which is unconstitutional and ineffective. If such gun control laws work, Chicago will become Mayberry. “

He rejoined Mixon, a former Navy pilot. “We are all feeling sick, sad and angry about the recent mass shootings and the surge in violent crimes. But John Kennedy is an incumbent senator. He is in an authoritative position. You can do more than just talk and offer condolences. Senator Kennedy can act. “

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Senate leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, expands criminal history checks and extends waiting time for gun buyers flagged by the immediate background check system to spend more time investigating the FBI , We are moving forward to pass two bills. The House passed the bill again in 2019 and last year, but died in the Senate amid unwavering Republican opposition.

Kennedy wants to support the Democratic Party going through narrower measures.

“Also, I’m concerned that some people in DC have already begun to work maliciously with respect to solutions from the entire aisle,” he said. “Sen. For example, this week Schumer blocked a bill instructing the Department of Homeland Security to work directly with schools to implement school safety best practices. If Senator Schumer hadn’t blocked it, The bill would have been passed. “

Another Democrat who is challenging Kennedy, Gary Chambers Jr., agrees with Mixon that background checks need to be expanded before approving the sale of guns.

“We don’t trust 18-year-olds to drink alcohol, but do they trust them with bullets and guns?” Chambers said in a statement. “This is the central issue of these mass shootings and the violence of guns in our community. It is not the case for young people to get guns legally or illegally in this country. It’s too easy.

“As the owner of a gun that has a strong belief in self-defense, it’s okay to pass a background check or have a waiting period. It’s not just about mental health. It’s about accessibility. is.”

The Senate Primary will be held on November 8th. If any candidate wins at least 50%, the final vote will not be held on December 10.

Luke Mixon challenges U.S. Sen. John Kennedy to expand background checks on gun buyers | Elections Source link Luke Mixon challenges U.S. Sen. John Kennedy to expand background checks on gun buyers | Elections

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