Lyon standoff victims are expected to be released from hospital – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2020-10-17 15:44:02 –

Lions, Kansas (KSNW) – The Kansas Research Agency (KBI) is continuing to investigate a police-related shooting in Lions, Kansas on Friday afternoon.

The hours of standoffs involved a Lions police officer and a suspect who shot and killed two men, a resident.

According to law enforcement agencies, the two men were taken to a hospital in the Wichita area where they were treated for their injuries.

Ascension Beer Christian St. Francis’ health supervisor says Lions High School coach Brian Fleece is in good shape and will be released on Saturday.

KSN is trying to gather more information about Lions police officer Cory Ryan, 36, who was in crisis but stable on Friday afternoon.

Justin Holloway was also injured in the incident yesterday, according to Lions police. Justin injured his back in an attempt to help Fleece. Officials say he is resting at his house and is expected to be okay.

According to KBI, police officers responded to homes near Southlead Avenue and Arrowhead Drive and were shot by Lions Adam Flavik, 40. According to KBI, police officers were helped by two nearby citizens who were taken to a local medical facility before being transferred to Wichita’s hospital. The cops were finally listed in danger.

“We had the courage to help two passing citizens observe the shooting and get the police officers in the car and rush to the hospital,” said Cory Latham, a KBI special agent.

When additional police and agents arrived at the house, they found that the man who first called for threats to the police was also shot. Investigators say a 56-year-old Lions resident was mowing the lawn next to the suspect. After being taken to a local hospital, the man was taken to Wichita in a serious but stable condition.

Dozens of police officers across multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the case, including the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Rice County Sheriff’s Office, and Lions Police.

“I’ve been working for law enforcement in Kansas for over 20 years and one of the things I’m really proud of is that state law enforcement is always in a tragic situation, but in general. There were law enforcement agencies from all over the world. In this central region, we couldn’t even name everything, but there were numbers here, “says Latham.

Around 7:10 pm, a special response team on the Kansas Highway Patrol negotiated the suspect outside the house, and an emergency response team in Hutchinson and Reno County detained him.

“The Kansas Highway Patrol negotiator did a great job of contacting him and taking him out peacefully,” Latham said.

Hrabik was handed over to the KBI agent for a question. Investigation is ongoing.

The Sterling Police Department will assist the Lions Police Station while the investigation is underway. The policeman’s shooting was one of five in the department.

“We are all small enough, Sheriff Rice County, Sterling Police Station, Lions Police Station, we are always responding and helping each other. We should be together,” said Sterling Police Chief. Derrick Prutz said.

The Rice County Sheriff’s Office will assist in other cases as well. Sheriff Brian Evans was injured in May 2019 when he was shot by a suspect.

“We are a small unit, but we have a big heart and we support people who need to be supported when they need it,” says Evans.

A fund has been set up at the Lions Reliance Federal Bank at 200 East Avenue in Lions, Kansas to support family health care. An additional fund has been set up at First Bank, East Avenue South 201, Lions, Kansas.

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