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Lions, Oregon (KOIN) —When the Beach Creek fire ran through the Santiam Canyon, Inferno consumed wood, homes, and annexes, but burned very little of Larry Tucker’s property.

“You’ll notice that the tree is black here,” Tucker gestured over the fence to his neighbor’s property. “And high up here, there may be some burnt branches on this side of the tree, but they are green!” He said, pointing at his tree.

In 2019, Tucker said that the Oregon Forestry Department around the town is providing a grant to promote a ladder fuel mitigation program and help homeowners create defensive spaces. I noticed.

Tucker calls the listed numbers and a few days later, an ODF employee comes out to his property and assesses what needs to be done to protect his home from potential wildfires. Did. According to Tucker, his wife wiped out overgrown brushes from half of the 20-acre land, but Tucker wanted to work on another eight acres.

ODF has recorded what he wants to clear and what he needs to do. They told him he had a year to complete it and the grant would provide him with $ 500 per acre to help him do it.

Tucker worked as a firefighter for 29 years and knew that his property he had to deal with was at stake. He said funding was the motivation needed to tackle the overgrown trees and blackberry vines that rise above him. Prior to the grant, Tucker was taking money out of his living expenses to get the job done.

By July 2020, work was completed just two months before Beachie CreekFire burned out the Lions.

“I didn’t really think it came from the east. Fires in eastern Oregon, they always stayed there, big wildfires, they’re always away from us. We’re in the city It’s too close, “said Tucker. “Well, that wasn’t the case in 2020.”

The legislature is working on ways to protect the community in what is known as the interface between the wilderness and the city, a community located near the woodlands. However, ODF says real estate owners need to take steps to protect their homes.

That is why I want you to use the subsidy.

“There’s not much that the government can do,” said Jenna Trentadu, ODF’s National Fire Planning Coordinator. “If you haven’t invested in protecting yourself, you may be the one who loses your home, and we don’t want it.”

According to Trentadu, ODF is making about $ 3 million in fuel mitigation grants available state-wide each year. She said the ODF office will apply for grants to fund mitigation, education, and support activities in high-priority areas to reduce the risk of fire.

Larry Tucker used funding from the Westen States Fire Managers Grant.Anyone interested in using the grant to support firefighting activities should contact Their local ODF office See what’s available.

For those who want to find out first what they need to improve their property, Trentadue recommends that they do. Firewise USA, Educational outreach program. She said Firewise USA is targeted at the community and there are several resources online that include information on how to prepare your home for a fire and how to better protect it.

ODF can also provide advice to landowners.

“We can always help provide technical expert advice for landowners, so feel free to contact us even if your area is not funded and you are interested. Please contact us. We will gladly come out and look at your property, “said Trentadu.

Trentadue emphasized that creating a defensive space around the house does not guarantee that it will withstand a fire, but it should improve its potential.

“This kind of mitigation greatly reduces the risk and protects our neighbors,” she said.

For Tucker, the work and time he worked on was rewarded.

“I’ve always said that fire is the least discriminatory,” Tucker said. “It only knows if it knows how to handle it and make it non-functional. We came to handle it by doing this work on the land, and That’s why our house was still standing. ”

For more information on fire protection and grant opportunities, please visit: Oregon Forestry Department website. For more information on Firewise USA National Fire Protection Association website.

Lyons man clears defensible space with grant fund; home survives wildfire Source link Lyons man clears defensible space with grant fund; home survives wildfire

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