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Everett Levison, who graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a Master of Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking (MA CCT) in 2018, says his dad called him “Jack of all industries.”

“I love learning. I’m a learning enthusiast. That’s why I thought MA CCT was an opportunity to have all these areas I could play. I have different interests in my mind and There’s a lot of pursuit going on. My dad always called me Jack of all transactions, no master of anyone, and that’s how I do it. “

Levison has an interesting career path to say the least. He spent most of his career building as a cement mason, working on bridges, large highways and skyscrapers in different parts of the world. He liked his job, but said he was injured and couldn’t go home.

He was “older” than a “non-traditional student” for someone like him who enrolled in UNO later in his career and earned a bachelor’s degree in two majors in Spanish and English literature in 2013. I like the term “learner”.

In the case of graduate school, he states that he chose MACCT for two reasons. It was interdisciplinary and all classes were available online.

The MA CCT program provides students with the opportunity to pursue the breadth and depth of liberal arts and science while developing the skills and abilities needed for critical thinking, creativity and leadership. Students could choose one of six concentration to focus on their research, and Lebison chose cultural and global analysis.

“It gave me a worldview. World economy, cultural psychology, identity formation, statistical analysis, environmental sustainability,” says Lebison. There are various perspectives such as the perspective of the world economy and the perspective of environmental sustainability. I have the ability to focus on various initiatives, professions, projects, etc., so I can basically do whatever I want. “

MA CCT requires a final project at the end of student coursework, and Levison focuses on adolescent identity formation.

“I had groups from Montreal, Colombia, Brazil and Canada. I took a cultural cross-section of adolescents and did a statistical analysis. It was a way for adolescents to physically recognize themselves. Shows how he feels about his social abilities and how it works to generate overall self-esteem. “

According to Lebison, this final project provided a foothold in UNO’s career as a learning specialist in the Thompson Learning Community (TLC), which landed shortly after graduating from MACCT. The TLC aims to facilitate the smooth transition of Susan T. Buffett Foundation scholarship students into a university learning environment. Lebison works closely with students from different cultures and backgrounds.

He says he uses aspects of what he has learned at MACCT for other purposes as well. He recently visited Ecuador as part of his role on the board of directors of Punto Verde, a non-profit organization based in the United States that works around the world to increase opportunities in rural areas and is associated with the Spirit of Wellness. I did.

“It’s a lot of entities. We are working to protect the flora of the rainforest and educate young students in Ecuador. Ecuador is a nursery school in the world and organic food in the world. We believe that we are producers, so there is now a great impetus for making organic foods in a sustainable way. “

Levison has also launched the Tagua Ivory Company, a business that works with the Spirit of Wellness. Tagua is a nut that, when cured and dried, resembles real ivory. His company sells chess pieces and other pieces carved by Ecuadorian artisans, most of which are used to maintain the integrity of the environment and the local economy.

“Cultural and Global Analysis Education-I use it every day. I talk about the world economy and how it works, trade agreements, what happens in imports and exports, and many cultural aspects. I’m taking advantage of the understanding I’ve received. So I’m busy doing everything I like. It’s all the result of the skills, knowledge, and understanding I’ve gained from MACCT. ”

MA CCT Allows Grad to Pivot into Multiple Endeavors | College of Arts and Sciences Source link MA CCT Allows Grad to Pivot into Multiple Endeavors | College of Arts and Sciences

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