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There was a lot of unpacking after the first weekend of the NFL season, including the impressive debut of the Patriots quarterback Mac Jones. But first, look at the story about Jones floating under the radar on Sunday morning and try to understand the meaning of a seemingly incredible scenario.


During an ESPN Sunday morning interview prior to the first week’s slate, Adam Chefter revealed an interesting story involving the Patriots, Jones and the San Francisco 49ers. According to sources, Chefter is concerned that the Patriots are interested in Jones, as coach Kyle Shanahan of the Nainers makes a bold move for San Francisco to jump from 12 to 3 in the first round. He said it was part of the reason for doing so.

San Francisco wanted to place itself in front of New England to prevent Bill Belichick from robbing Jones.

The problem with that theory is very simple. The Niners did not adopt the Jones. Instead, Shanahan tabbed Trey Lance on the third overall pick, making it available to Jones at the 15 where the Patriots stood. It’s hard to imagine the team deciding to make such a bold move (San Francisco surrendered a pair of picks in the first round to trade from Miami to 12 to 3), and that Intended not to take the player.

Again, that makes little sense unless an element that wasn’t reported by the chefter is being played. There may have been some truth in the Nainers idea that Belichick liked Jones, but perhaps in reality, the impetus behind Shanahan’s actions was related to Jimmy Garoppolo. Was there.

Trade rumors, including Garoppolo’s return to New England, pervaded the local football world throughout the off-season, but both sides never closed the deal. Is it possible that Shanahan wanted Belichick to take Jones and wanted to provide nudge to sign a deal with Garoppolo?

According to various reports, Shanahan was obsessed with his desire to get Garoppolo’s fair market value and didn’t want to give up peanuts, even though he was ready to move from veteran. Belichick and the Patriots were probably interested, but didn’t try to meet the asking price. By rising to the top and seemingly interested in Jones, the Nainers may have been trying to persuade Belichick to sign a deal with Garoppolo.

After all, the move of the Forty-niners to 3 seems to have had little to do with Jones and the Patriots, despite Chefter’s claim, but it may have had the Patriots in mind.

Opening statement

Speaking of Jones, his NFL debut didn’t end the way patriots wanted, but there was a lot of encouragement. He completed 29 out of 39 passes with 281 yards and touchdown, but more importantly he did a great job of protecting the ball and avoiding negative play.

In fact, his worst mistake came from his first pass attempt to turn his back on the line and avoid the rush before throwing the ball backwards at Johnne Smith’s feet. The tight end regained the fumble, but Jones never endangered the ball and played enough for his team to win.

Not everything was perfect, as the offense managed only 16 points and found the end zone only once every four trips within Miami’s Red Zone. His pass was almost short-22 of his completions moved less than 10 yards-and he rarely pushed the ball downfield.

But given the fact that it was his first start and Miami attacked him quickly and frequently, Jones handled enough pressure to convert 11 out of 16 third downs and coerced. The fact that he threw consistently and accurately while being in New England.

First week thoughts

* A good start for some of the new head coaches. Nick Sirianni of Philadelphia, Brandon Staley of the Chargers, and David Curry of Houston all won their NFL debut. The Eagles looked like a team that could make some turmoil when the Patriots visited for joint practice last month, and whatever they showed to the Falcons in Atlanta changed their view. I didn’t do anything for it.

Far from winning an explosive victory to open the season, the Texans would have been quite difficult to win. Curry is forced to endure a nightmare situation involving Deshaun Watson and sees new GM Nick Caserio trading at a dizzying pace. Still, it was another rookie head coach, Urban Meyer of Jacksonville, who seemed unprepared for the overmatch. Jaguar struggled to support Trevor Lawrence in the rookie quarterback and never actually participated in the game.

But Luke’s most impressive first day victory was Starley’s. The Chargers are one of the franchises that always seem to find a way to lose. Last season, former coach Anthony Lynn was the subject of countless memes due to the situation in the second half of the game and the lack of control over the clock, leading to some examples of the Chargers robbing the victorious jaw of defeat. ..

Playing on the roads of Washington, Louisiana dominated the game, but suffered from many calamities like the Chargers. The most obvious example was the second and goal play in the second half when quarterback Justin Herbert was hit when thrown and the ball fell into the end zone before rolling out of bounds. Originally determined to be an incomplete pass, the replay changed the call and was determined to be fumble, resulting in turnovers and touchbacks. In the second half of the fourth quarter, while still dragging at 3, Herbert threw a pick deep into the Washington Territory. The two lost scoring opportunities were the sorts that have prevented the Chargers from winning consistently in the past.

However, Starry’s army overcame misfortune and was soon forced to fumble, which led to Herbert’s touchdown pass for a go-ahead score. After forcing Washington’s punt, the Chargers took over with 6:43 remaining and never returned the ball. It was too early to determine if the change in results was related to Starry’s presence, but it was a game that the Chargers would almost certainly lose in 2020.

* NFC West continues to be a bear. All four teams won the opening round, but no team was particularly close. Its success included the impressive Roadwin in Arizona, Tennessee (38-13) and Seattle, Indy (28-16). Overall, the Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals and Rams outperformed their opponents with a total of 141-76. It’s unlikely, but all four have a chance to play off with all three wildcards from NFC West.

* Speaking of western dominance, AFC did the same trick 4-0 in the first week. The Chiefs, Broncos and Chargers took over the business on Sunday before the Raiders had a violent Monday night incident while working overtime in Baltimore. Las Vegas seemed to win the match in OT, but in the replay Brian Edwards’ knees were down just before the goal line, so the Raiders tried to punch in from scratch. The path in the third down end zone. However, when Lamar Jackson fumbled for the second time, Baltimore regained favor and set the stage for the winner of the game. Jon Gruden initially demanded a field goal in the second down, but he changed course when the unit formation was slow and the Raiders were asked to delay the game. After Derek Carr returned and faced the Great Ravens Blitz, he lofted the winning touchdown pass to Zay Jones. The league had to be one of the wildest finishes I’ve ever seen, but as many have pointed out on Twitter, it’s also in the top 10 crazy events that happened in Las Vegas at the time. Wouldn’t have been.

* Finally, the weirdest game of the weekend could have been played in Buffalo, as Bills somehow made a 23-16 decision for the Steelers. Pittsburgh won 371-252, holding the ball 4-12 in the third down, less than 27 minutes, but still winning. The blocked punts returned for a touchdown in the fourth quarter are ultimately different, as Josh Allen and Bills wereted a lot of scoring opportunities early on and it came back to bite them. bottom. A bad loss at home for Bills, who has a desire to play deeply in January.

Power 5

Bills’ loss seemed unusual considering how the game was played, but it’s still worth paying attention to. Don’t punish Buffalo badly … for now …

Tampa Bay (1-0)- Bacchus wasn’t overly sharp in the opener, flipped four times and inflicted many penalties, but the Brady guy generally finds a way. Kansas City (1-0)- The Chiefs weren’t at their best against Cleveland, but the Mahomes guy generally finds a way as well. LA Rams (1-0)- During the Matthew Stafford era in LA, it looked pretty scary as it passed 321 yards in just 26 attempts. Cleveland (0-1)- Browns maintained a 12-point lead in the first half and rose nine in the fourth quarter, but couldn’t resolve the turmoil in Kansas City. Buffalo (0-1)- The bill is no longer considered a start-up, and teams can struggle to adapt to that idea. Buffalo looked uncomfortable in that role on Sunday, and it bears to see it move forward.

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