Mac Jones threw first three interceptions of his career vs. Saints – Boston, Massachusetts

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“I did a lot of work just by playing the next play.”

The New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones will run later in the NFL football game. Associated Press Photo / Stephen Senne

At some point, Mac Jones was about to throw the first, second, and third intercepts of his career.

Unfortunately PatriotJones, who lost to Saints 28-13 on Sunday, waited until the third week and then checked all three.

Jones finished the match on Sunday 30-51 as a 270-yard passerby, and both of the first two passcuts were costly.

NS beginning I came in the second half of the second quarter. Faced with strong pressure near the midfield, Jones tried to steal the ball but hit it when he threw it. PJ Williams grabbed the fluttering ball, ran to the 9-yard line and was defeated. He failed, but Saints regained it, and Marquez Callaway carried a seven-yard pass from Jameis Winston after a few plays, giving him a 14-0 advantage.

The second passcut was the first play in the second half. Jones lined up and fired a pass at Johnne Smith. Johnne Smith bubbled the ball and lost it in the air. Malcolm Jenkins hooked it up and jogged into the end zone for a simple pick 6.

Jones’ last passcut was trivial — a deep pass with five seconds left when Marshon Lattimore was caught — but the first two damages echoed throughout the contest.

After the match, Jones played the same notes he played all year round. He believes he needs to be better and can improve both him and his attacks.

“I think interception is part of the game,” Jones said. “You obviously don’t want to throw them, and sometimes they’re bang-bang play, and sometimes they’re something you can control. I need to learn from those errors, and everyone it’s my They seemed to have backs. They were very supportive.

“For me, I did a lot just to play the next play. I felt like I hadn’t been thinking about the last play for a long time, and no one on our team. Did, but yeah, we can definitely get better there, and thank everyone for supporting me, and I’m better, I’ll. “

Jones also defended Smith after the duo struggled to connect throughout the match on Sunday.

“I think Johnne did everything right,” Jones said. “He’s running, he’s blocking there, he’s doing what he’s supposed to do. Me and him, we’re not always going to have a perfect day, who Not so. “

Bill Belichick was particularly acidic when asked what he saw in Jones’ passcut after the match — he made a long and unpleasant pause before answering.

“Probably the same thing you saw,” Belichick simply said.

Jones temporarily kept the Patriots alive. After the fourth quarter run, he stripped off the knee brace he wore throughout the season and put pressure on Kendrickbone to loft a tough pass. Bourne made an impressive catch and stayed at the limit to record a touchdown that reduced the Patriots deficit to one score.

Jones said his body felt good after the match, despite a series of tough hits from Saints’ defense. He removed the brace as it slipped and loosened.

However, the saints ate for 7 minutes overtime on their next drive, causing a touchdown. With less than three minutes left, the Patriots couldn’t break the lead of two goals.

Jones’ teammates appreciated how he responded to the interception.

“He was like that,” Bourne said. “As I said, that’s what you want to see. You don’t want to see a man push his tail when he makes one mistake.

“It’s for all of us. We don’t want to get out there and make one mistake to get out of the game. Whether it’s good or bad, you have to forget it. No. The Mac is really good about it, he came back with the same attitude. Responsible and guides us where we have to go. Yes. There is no difference in his game. I feel. “

Meanwhile, center David Andrews said the line still needs to do a better job to protect the quarterback. This is a problem that has plagued the team all year round.

“It’s our job to stand up for him, and he’s standing there to deliver the ball, so we have to help protect the end of the bargain, and the whole team is at the end of the bargain. Must hold up better, “said Andrews.

But while Jones praised the saint’s defense, he claimed he could play better.

“I like watching tapes and looking at them from a bird’s-eye view, and I’m not emotional,” Jones said. All you have to do is look at it, learn from it, and turn the page. I’m sure there’s play I’ve left on the field — I know there — and I’m sure the overall attack can play better, and we’ll do so. “

Mac Jones threw first three interceptions of his career vs. Saints Source link Mac Jones threw first three interceptions of his career vs. Saints

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