Machine Gun Kelly looks like a shade’Midnight in Switchgrass’

Non-positive reviews. Machine Gun Kelly Apparently it cast a shadow over his new movie, Switchgrass midnight, After release.

“If I don’t talk or tweet about movies, it’s rarely included. [trash emoji], “” Bloody Valentine “singer, 31 years old Tweet Friday, July 23.

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Texas native slums came to the day Switchgrass midnight‘ release. Only a few days ago, the actor (credited by his real name, Corson Baker in the movie) did not appear at the movie’s premiere.

Kelly’s girlfriend and co-star, Megan Fox, Also sat down for the celebration.The· Jennifer’s body Stars, 35, and rappers first met while filming the thriller in March 2020.

During an interview with USA Today On Thursday, July 22, Fox cited an increase in COVID-19 as the reason for missing the premiere, saying he didn’t have to see how his relationship would occur on the screen.

“It’s what we lived in and a lot has happened since then,” she said. The question is, “Are there any chemicals on the screen?” It’s not necessary because chemistry has got us so far. “

garbage!Machine Gun Kelly seems to be obscuring him and Megan Fox's new movie
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While talking about Kelly’s introduction, she also said she believed that it was destiny, not the movie, that connected them romantically.

“There were only two people Should be primed and together“The native species of Tennessee said. “We were intended to meet each other.”

Fox and Kelly may not be completely sold in the movie, Switchgrass midnight‘ directed by, Randall Emmett, Are big fans of their relationship.

“As a director, and from a purely artistic point of view Their chemistry was unrealistic“The 50-year-old filmmaker said We weekly Only about working with a couple earlier this month. “That is, you can see … he’s a great actor, she’s a great actor …. it’s a victory in itself.”

The· Vander pump rules Star said it was “certainly special” to see the pairs interact in sets. Even more so, Gotti Producers “get hooked on the performance” as they watch them act together.

“Obviously there was chemistry,” Emmet added. “Obviously there was a connection … but I was looking at it from a directional point of view, and I was like,” Man, I’m a genius. ” Like,’They are amazing! I’m very good at this! “

Emmet said the others on the set felt the same spark.

“I remember going home … and telling my sister,’God, man, that’s good. Similarly, this is as good as it gets,” shared a Florida native. “And people are approaching me around the set saying,’God, they are very good together.’ … I think it’s a lot of fun to see when there are two people who love life so much … And … I see them and they both seem to be in crazy love. They are spending time in life. “

More dramas are surrounded Switchgrass midnight Earlier this week, Emmet’s fiancée Lala Kent,was Blame for shading Fox on social media.. The drama began after the 30-year-old “Feeling You” singer posted and deleted an Instagram story from the premiere that stood in front of Fox’s body on a poster.

“I’m very excited about this!” Reality Star wrote in the photo, and the text also includes Fox’s name.

Between her USA Today Friday interview, New woman actress Shut down feud speculation..

“I’m not online, so I can’t see anything,” she said. “I really like Lara, so I can’t imagine her trying to do such a negative thing. She’s a nice person.”

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Machine Gun Kelly looks like a shade’Midnight in Switchgrass’

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