MAFS Season 13 Bao Huong Hoang and Zack Freeman are dating

Baofon Juan and Zack Freeman. Courtesy Life / YouTube (2)

Pull the switch! love at first sight Both fans may not be shocked Zack Freeman When Mikaela Clark When Bao Fung Huang When Johnny Lamb I decided to finish their marriage on the day of the decision. But it’s no exaggeration to say that viewers were even more surprised to see Bao start dating Zack four months later.

in the meantime Marriage at a glance: where are they nowAired after the reunion of Season 15 on Wednesday, November 24, Zack (27) asked Bao (36) on a date while playing in the pool.

“I’ve met Bao in the last few months and I think she’s a great person. I like the way she’s always herself. I love her dizziness. I really do.” He said before going outside the bar where they were and courageously asking her.

“I’ve gotten to know each other better in the last few months. I really like you. I want to take you on a date in the near future,” Zack said. “We should go on a date, do you date to see if there is anything more if you agree?”

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Johnny and Bao. Amber Charles Photo

After the Secretary-General called him “very bold,” she agreed to a date and said, “I’ve come to know you and I love you so much.”

Outside, she admitted to being “anxious” and “nervous” about the new relationship, but “eager” to see what happens next.

Later in the episode, the duo dressed up and dated, admitting that it never felt this way while hanging out many times. They also wanted to make sure they were on the same page as their intentions.

“I found The One, fell in love, had a family, and wanted nothing to change, so I got married at a glance,” she told the app developer.

He replied: “Everyone who participates in this process wants to date intentionally. I understand that because you wanted to get married. I feel exactly the same. Nothing changes about how I feel about getting married. I think going out is a bit of a big risk. If you’re not serious, you’re not just doing this. “

Zack and Mikaela get married at the reunion of First Site Season 13
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Both seem a little hesitant, but admit that they’re excited to move forward together, even if they go for a walk right after their first date or discuss what they are. increase.

Both Zack and Bao said they didn’t want to rush into things, they agree that they are interested in dating other people.

“It ’s very fresh to feel like I ’m here. Being swept away from your feet, “She said.

Surprising romance was revealed after Part 2 of the reunion was aired, and it was revealed that Bao and Johnny, 35, broke up amicably after seeking a divorce on the day of the decision. Zack and Mikaela, 30, struggled to get to the same page as their friends after an unstable journey, but eventually said she was there for her whenever she needed it. I did.

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MAFS Season 13 Bao Huong Hoang and Zack Freeman are dating

Source link MAFS Season 13 Bao Huong Hoang and Zack Freeman are dating

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