Magnus gets support from Nogales border leaders – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-12-09 00:23:54 –

Nogales, Arizona (KGUN) — Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus will be a new member of the US Customs and Border Protection.

Magnus was voted in trust by David Hathaway, Sheriff of Santa Cruz County, who grew up in Nogales and is now helping federal agencies defend the border.

Hathaway states that Magnus’ election as the new head of CBP is “outstanding.”

“He’s not scared,” Hathaway said. You need to scare the people on the other side of the fence … “But he’s optimistic. He is ready to do the job. “

According to Hathaway, the difficult terrain of the Nogares region has not seen the recent surge in illegal border crossings as seen in other flatter areas such as Yuma and Texas. Means.

Sheriffs also say that the US and Mexico population growth over the last few decades provides some background for the record 1.7 million illegal border crossings in the past year.

Another Nogales-born and former mayor, Marco Ropez, who was the Chief of Staff of the Obama administration’s CBP, also helped Magnus.

“We want to attack these high-interest and high-risk issues, not defense,” said Lopez, who is running for the Governor of Arizona. Serious and willing to listen. “

As Magnus takes over his new role, he will face high-risk issues such as unprocessed immigrant visas and asylum cases and a shortage of federal personnel to handle them.

Another concern, according to Hathaway, is that fentanyl, a deadly and easily concealed drug, has become the drug of choice for trafficking through Noaless.

But as the pandemic shutdown slows, Hathaway is optimistic that substance abuse will diminish and businesses in southern Arizona will recover.

“What we don’t want to do is have an iron curtain like this Berlin Wall, like the Soviet Union. Legal tourist visa holders come back to the United States and in Tucson. You can shop and shop. Shop in Phoenix, Nogales … We have a lot of financial and cultural exchanges [with Mexico].. “


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Magnus gets support from Nogales border leaders Source link Magnus gets support from Nogales border leaders

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