Mahakali Caves

Mahakali Caves

                                     Mahakali Caves       

Maharashtra is one state in India where one can find an abundance of everything. One can call it a tourist’s hub. Every traveler is unique when it comes to travelling taste. But Maharashtra has it all. From beautiful beaches, river valleys, hill ranges, vineyards to ancient monuments, this place has it all. Maharashtra is also home to some valiant warriors. It is where the famous and mighty Maratha Empire was housed. With a rich cultural and historical background this place is one of the most famous to go destinations for tourists all over the world.

The ones interested in exploring ancient structures must visit the Mahakali Caves housed in the western part of the capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai. Famous as the financial capital of India, Mumbai is a place sprawling with popular tourist destinations. The city encounters a huge influx of visitors from all over country around the year.

Mahakali Caves are a group of 19 caves. These beautifully chiseled structures are testimony of the rich past of this place as well as India. The skilled craftsmanship of the people belonging to that time is plausible. The fact that this centuries old structure is still standing tall and intact attracts a huge number of travelers to this place.

About Mahakali Caves

Mahakali Caves were built in between 6th and 9th centuries. It is an example of one of the few rock cut structures left in the whole of India. It is carved out of a single basalt rock and has a hemispherical dome. Mahakali cave sis a group of 19 caves which house elements related to Buddhism. The caves are home to idols, statues and carvings of the Buddha. Caves were used as meditation sites for Buddhist monks. The presence of Buddhist iconology in these caves suggests the spiritual past of these set of caves.

Mahakali Caves are in existence since the Ashokan Empire. It is no secret that Ashoka was highly influenced by the Buddhist culture and had also erected several stupas and places of Buddhist worship. The walls of Mahakali Caves have scriptures in Pali language.

Architecture of Mahakali Caves

Mahakali caves consist of two groups of rick cut caves. Four of these caves are situated in the northwest direction and the rest fifteen caves are situated in the southeast direction. Most of these caves were cells which were used as viharas by Buddhist monks.

Cave number 9 is one of the most famous caves in the entire lot. This cave consists of mutilated images of Buddhist iconology as well as seven depictions of Buddha. This cave in particular has a peculiar plan and is one of the oldest too. it has a dogba which is 2.34 m high.

These caves in total have twenty entrances. There are some caves which consist of verandahs and courtyards. One can find broken tombstones in between the two groups of caves.

Mahakali Caves has some fascinating elements to it. This includes a dinning space, an auditorium as well as rock cut stone steps. Every structure housed in Mahakali Caves has a story to tell. The exuberance of these caves is a treat to one’s eyes.

Mahakali Caves are small in size. It consists of several rock cut cisterns too. These caves are prone to weathering as they are situated in the volcanic region. As a result of which several parts of the caves are in ruins and not very well visible. But they are one of the most spectacular sights to be explored in the city of Mumbai.

A Tourist’s Guide

Mahakali Caves are situated in the Andheri region of Mumbai. One can hail a bus from Saibaba Mandir Moral Bus Station, Takshila Bus Station, Model Town Bus Station etc. and reach this place. In addition to this other public transport facilities like auto and cab service is also readily available. The nearest railway station from Mahakali Caves is. The nearest airport from here is. One can easily find accommodation in the city of Mumbai both online and offline.

Mahakali Caves is a situated away from the city as a result of which seekers of tranquility flock in here. The one’s interested in exploring historical monuments and ancient structures must visit this place. The calmness of this place coupled with the antiquity of this place makes it a must go destination when in Mumbai.

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