Mahipatadgad Trek

Mahipatadgad Trek

                                  Mahipatagad Trek

Trekking is a one of the most beloved options for adventure seekers. It is full of surprises. Not all places are ideal for carrying out trekking expedition. A good trek means undergoing a journey full of wonderful enriching experience. The joy of reaching the top as well as the entire path that leads one to the top must be in sync.

Maharashtra is one state in India which houses a number of trekking options. Maharashtra is flanked by the Western Ghats. The mighty lofts of this mountain range caters very well to the needs and demands of a trekker. In addition to this some important hill ranges like the Vindhya Range is situated in here. It is said that geography and history ho hand in hand. Maharashtra was home to the mighty Maratha Empire. The very geographical location of this state helped in strengthening the strategic locations in here. The maritime development of this place was a result of the very geography of the same.

Maharashtra houses several hill forts. These hill forts were built for both political and strategic reasons. A characteristic hill fort in consists of water cisterns or tank and many a time elements of the cultural elements of that era. These include temples dedicated to a particular god or goddess, inscriptions, idols, paintings etc. One such hill fort is the Mahipatagad hill fort. This hill fort is everything trekker would want from a trek full of wonderful experiences.

About Mahipatagad Trek

Mahipatagad hill fort is famous for its six entrances or ‘Darwasas’. Most if the entrances are in crumbles but a few are intact. These few give one an insight into the skill and craftsmanship of the artisans belonging to that era. Mahipatagad Fort is a twin fort of Rasalgad. When atop the hill one gets to view the forts of Makarangad and Pratapgad to the East and Rajgad to the West from atop the citadel. A trekking experience to this place is an enthralling one.

What to expect when at Mahipatagad

The trek up the hill starts from the base village. The trek is full of challenging hurdles. In addition to this there is not defined path or marks that lead one to the fort. So, it is mandatory for a trekker to hire a guide when on a trekking expedition to Mahipatagad. Even the top of the fort is full of thick foliage. One does not have to worry about food when on a trek in here as the fort houses a small eatery which serves snacks. But carrying own food is advisable as the trek is long. Water is available atop the hill as there are two water tanks but again one must carry water when on a trek to this place. The temple in the premises of the fort has the capacity to house 25 to 30 people.

This place is a heaven for nature lovers. The rich floral beauty in here has a lot in store to explore fir them. While on one hand this may seem tricky but on the other it’s like a whole new experience for a trekker. In addition to this precarious hills, ridges and bushes.

Mahipatagad Trek is an abode for photography fanatics too. The spectacular forest cover coupled with the various mountain peaks makes this place an ideal destination for landscape photographers and natural photographers.

The fort houses a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. T goes by the name of Mayureshwar Mahadev. There exist two small ponds which face the temple. The whole trek ends with a spiritual experience at Mahipatagad.

A Tourist’s Guide

Mahipatagad is located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It is open all around the year. The best time of the year to go on a trekking trip to this place is during winters. Monsoons should be avoided as the thick forest cover of this place will increase even more and the path may become altogether risky for the trekker.

The nearest railway station from here is Mumbai Railway Station as well as Kalyan Railway Station. The nearest airport is Mumbai Airport. The base village of Bahivali is easily accessible via the state transport bus system. One can find buses from Khed Bus Terminal to reach this place.

If you are a trekking enthusiast then a trekking trip to Mahipatagad is a must.

Vaagisha Singh

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