Mahuli Trek

Mahuli Trek

                                           Mahuli Trek

Maharashtra is flooded with trekking destinations. It is the hub of trekkers. Trekking is one of the most favourite pastime for people. All one has to do is do a good research on road mapping and set out with a backpack and explore the adventures that lie ahead when on a trek.

One of the famous trekking destinations is Mahuli. Mahuli is a hill fort located in the Thane district of Maharashtra, India. Trekkers from different parts of the state of Maharashtra come in here.

More about Mahuli Trek

The peak of the fort rises to an elevation of 2700 feet from the ground. The summit of this particular hill is a collection of around two or three hills. The fort too is one of the attractive features of the entire trek. In addition to this several adventures await when on a trip to Mahuli.

What to expect when at Mahuli

Mahuli is situate din the lap of Mother Nature. The forests surrounding it have been declared a sanctuary. This place is far off from the hustle and bustle of the city and is set in natural setting. Seekers of peace and quiet must visit this place. The forests here make for a wonderful experience for nature lovers. The abundance of floral and faunal beauty of this place makes it ideal for nature lovers.

Mahuli Trek is also an ideal destination for history buffs. The ones who find interest in historical facts, structures or monuments will feel at home here. Mahuli Fort has been declared a protected monument now. Most of the fortification is in ruins in here but whatever remains of it is a piece of art. The fort houses a temple and a cluster of caves. When in here one is forced to think about the glorious past of this very place.

Mahuli Caves houses a Shiva Temple too. So, devotees of Lord Shiva as well as people on the spiritual side will have a great time there. There exists a group of caves on the left side of the temple. In addition to this there exists a water cistern on top of the hill and several water tanks along the trekking route.

Mahuli is a wonderful place for taking pictures. One can take pictures belonging to a number of genres when in here including landscape photography, historical photography, wildlife [photography and natural photography.

The main attraction of this place i.e. trekking is a fun experience. The trek begins at the Shiva temple located at the base of the fort. One has to walk straight until one finds a stream. After crossing the stream one has to take a narrow ridge path. Then trekkers have to climb up a ladder placed by the villagers itself. When up the ladder one has to walk till one finds a water tank. From here a left has to be taken in order to reach the required destination. One can get food items from the base village. Accommodation is not available atop the hill. One must plan accordingly when on a trek to Mahuli.

As mentioned above the Mahuli Fort houses a Shiva Temple. This temple is an ancient temple and is a major attraction in the in here. Spiritual and religious people and most importantly devotees of Lord Shiva visit this place in huge number. For the ones who are both adventure lovers as well as on the spiritual; side enjoy double perks here. The rejuvenating climb up the hill makes for a beautiful experience and the Shiva Temple on top of the citadel makes is a source of ultimate bliss.

A Tourist’s Guide

Mahuli trek can be taken up all around the year. Winters are preferable and monsoons must be avoided. Mahuli Fort is a protected property and is open on all days of the week. This property is at a 91 km drive from the city of Mumbai via the Highway linking Mumbai and Nasik. The base village can be approached by keeping in mind a landmark i.e. a Jain Temple named Manas Mandir. From here it takes 5 km more to reach the required destination. Direct busses are also available to reach this place. The nearest railway stations from here is Kalyan Railway Station which connects it to the different parts of the city. One can find accommodation in the city of Mumbai readily. Lovers of trekking must visit this place when in Mumbai.

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