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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-15 18:56:40 –

Lorain County, Ohio (WJW) — FOX 8I team I found the package that was mailed to Lorain County I traveled around the world just to return to the woman who sent it.

Boxes mailed to Hungary will go to Saudi Arabia before they are returned.

Reported So many delays and problems We did some research with the United States Postal Service to find out what happened this time.

Four months ago, Agnes Strada put together a care package for his granddaughter studying in Hungary. Candies, snacks, homemade goods, stuffed animals.

But this week, Strada discovered that his luggage had returned to the front door.

“I knew the post office wasn’t in good shape, but I didn’t expect it,” she told I-Team.
Agnes Strada said she sent another email, which was delivered to her granddaughter. But in this case, what gets confused.

She added: I sent a care package to my granddaughter, but I didn’t receive it. “
Everything started in February when the package was mailed to the Avon Lake Post Office. The receipt states that it will cost $ 111 to ship the package to Budapest, Hungary.

However, on the way from northeastern Ohio to Hungary, the cargo went to Saudi Arabia, 6700 miles away.

From there, it was sent back to New York. So it moved another 6500 miles.

Tracking records show that the box bounced around in Pittsburgh and New Jersey before returning from New York to Avon Lake. That means it has traveled hundreds of miles.

This is due to delays and breakdowns in postal services since the end of last year. But most of the time it involves local mail.

So what happened here?

The box is marked “Export … Regulations … Return to sender due to missing electronic customs data”.

A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service wrote in an email: The package was returned to the United States by Customs. The USPS does not control customs. We do not control the time the packages are in customs or what they decide to transfer or return to the customer. If the package is unacceptable, we will follow their instructions. In this case, return to the sender. “

For some reason, it led to a very long detour for some snacks and homemade baked goods.

Agnes Strada responded as follows: The package has traveled around the world. “

She also wants to get $ 111 back from the post office.

A spokeswoman told us that Agnes had to pick it up at the local post office.

Check with her.

Mail from Northeast Ohio went ’round the world only to be returned to sender Source link Mail from Northeast Ohio went ’round the world only to be returned to sender

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