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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Barricades bloom throughout downtown Tucson Downtown link For a faster road across downtown. However, one major intersection has been reopened. As part of KGUN9’s Operation Safe Roads, Sixth Avenue and Seventh Street have the latest information.

It’s really reassuring when the main paths to and from downtown are reopened. New construction can make things better for drivers and businesses, but in the meantime it can require patience.

Ten months after it was created, the driver passed through 6th and 7th Avenues, where work was completed. Much of the work to improve stormwater drainage was actually done underground.

This is part of a larger project called Downtown Link that is working to create a faster connection between Barazza Aviation Parkway and I-10. The first plans over 30 years ago were primarily aimed at automobiles. Current plans are also useful for other types of transportation, such as the addition of bike lanes.

Work is currently underway to close the underpass on Stone Avenue as of Monday to end its reputation as a frequent flood during the monsoon.

Future improvements can be a current headache for companies that are blocked behind barricades.

At Miller’s Surplus, manager George Landa says there have been a series of construction projects around his store for years. He says COVID was already dragging the business this year when construction reduced parking and threw barriers requiring customers to be very determined to get there and shop.

“We’ve been struggling. Well, we’re from 18 employees or 6 of us and the owner, but it also helps that the product supply line is down. And people don’t know how many customers we’re here today for about two months. “

Erica Frazel of Tucson’s Tucson Transport Authority says she is doing what she can to help her business when construction disrupts the streets.

“So, what you’re looking at right now, parallel parking, it was the old one. I re-stripped this area back into the parking lot, increased the parking lot, removed the parking lot, and for the company during construction. We understand that it is very difficult, so we work as a team to meet all needs and try to be as stress-free as possible. “

And at Mirrors Surplus, they want a big weekend because it’s easier for customers to get there and park.

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