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Makers & Finders unveils new menu at Las Vegas locations – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-03-29 16:25:43 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Famous for its wide selection of inspiring Latin dishes, outstanding craft coffee and innovative cocktails, Makers & Finders says they’re excited to announce a new menu this spring. I will.

The menu first arrives at the Arts District location on April 5th and arrives in downtown Summerlin on April 12th.

The Makers & Finders team presents new creations throughout the menu, from breakfast and lunch to dinner and desserts.

Expect options for comfort food and vegans, including the Breakfast Empanada Skillet ($ 13), which offers two breakfast empanadas stuffed with chorizo, eggs, potatoes and cheddar cheese with rice, beans, avocado, house sauce and kesofresco. 6 ounces of La Bandeja Paisa ($ 20). Grilled filet mignon, crispy pork ribs, fried maduro, sunny side eggs, Spanish rice, black beans, sliced ​​avocado, keso fresco. 7 oz Ranchero Burger ($ 18). In brioche bread toasted with house patties, rajas, caramel onions, black beans, sunny side eggs, crispy pork belly, coriander lime crema and keso fresco. Spanish Cioppino ($ 28) featuring octopus, shrimp, scallops, squid and crispy sourdough crostini. And much more.

The coffee bar also offers unprecedented dessert cocktails such as Gray Goose Essence Strawberry and Lemongrass, Kahlua, Espresso, Vanilla Syrup and Espresso Martini 2.0 ($ 11) with whipped cream. White Chocolate Emulsion ($ 12) is a Bacardi spice rum, milk, espresso and white mocha steamed together on a chocolate sphere with a fluffy surprise inside. Lavender Sorbet Pritz ($ 12) is a tableside cocktail featuring Martini Fierro, Martini Rossi Prosecco, lavender and coconut sorbet, and lemon juice.

Dessert enthusiasts can also enjoy all-new desserts such as the Enukado cheesecake ($ 10), which features layered cassava and coconut cake, and the cheesecake with coconut graham cracker crust, guava and meringue. Rosé Torresleche ($ 9) featuring coconut milk infused with rosé, Italian meringue, and chiffon sponge cake soaked in various fruits. Vegan Espresso Flan ($ 9) includes Coconut Milk Flan, Espresso Caramel, Various Fruits and Coconut Whipped Cream.

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