Male finale in Easttown: Who killed Erin?

6 minutes on Sunday, May 30th, finale Mare in East Town, Seems to have answered all the fiery questions. I didn’t know much about the fans, but there are many others.

In the penultimate episode, Billy (Lobby tongue) Brother John (Joe Tippet) That he killed Erin (Cailee Spaeny) — A confession that John basically had to force from him. And Lori (Julianne Nicholson) Mare (Kate Winslet) Billy was the father of a baby DJ. So it looked refreshing. After learning that Erin’s necklace was purchased by someone with the surname Ross, Mare was convinced it was Billy and went looking for them during a fishing trip.

That was when the premiere began. Upon arriving at the lake, I found John pointing his gun at Billy. It became clear that was the reason John suggested the trip. His plan was to make Billy appear to have committed suicide. “As you said, you have a family, but I don’t have anyone,” Billy recalled.

Joe Tippet and Robbie Tan appear in “Mare of Easttown” HBO

Mare couldn’t hear the conversation, but saw the gun. When John saw her, he pointed a gun at his head. She immediately got out of his hands and he just begged him to kill him.

After all, Jess (Ruby Cruise) What I took out of Erin’s diary was that she and John were sleeping together. She is Dylan (Jack Mulhern) Burned his diary because he wanted his parents to continue DJing.

At the police station, John elaborate on his “connection” with Erin, claiming that it’s more than sex. He asked her to have an abortion, but she didn’t. The night she was murdered, she called John and said she would tell Lori about her affair if he didn’t meet.

He claimed she was wielding a gun when he arrived, and he tried to pull it away from her and accidentally shot her hand. Then he panicked and he shot and killed her. It was.

Julianne Nicholson in “Mare of Easttown” HBO

When John spoke to Marl, he seemed to know that Lori had lied to his wife and persuaded him to say Billy. Mare was so angry that she spoke to Lori after John’s hearing. I refused to do that.

But that wasn’t the only mystery. Carol is checking in (Patrick McDade) — The man who had the intruder at the beginning of the series — He revealed that his gun had been stolen from his hut, and only he and his lawn-cutting kid had access to the interior. Revealed: Ryan Ross (Cameron Man).Mare immediately checked the security cameras and saw Ryan steal the gun.

She arrived at Ryan’s school, but as soon as she saw her, she went home and told her mother, “She knows.”

The real culprit was Ryan. He learned of the affair and his father told him it was all over. The night he died, he learned that Erin had sent an email to him after seeing his father arguing over the phone with someone. Instead, Ryan replied from his father’s phone that he would come to see her.

Ryan Mare in Easttown

Then he went to the park with a gun and scared her away from John. She tried to steal a gun from him, but got out of hand. Then he fired at her again.

Ryan told his father what had happened, and John and Billy hid it. Lori lied to Mare. The morning Lori said it was Billy who killed Erin, John was telling her what really happened.

“I agreed to lie to protect my son,” she said. “And if you didn’t show up at home today, I would have had that talent to my graveyard.”

Ryan was sent following a visit from his family. Second, Lori was the son of her husband, so she took on the role of DJ. She paid for the necessary ear surgery, but Dylan later appeared at her house and gave her all the money he had saved and the money he stole from Erin’s bedroom.

Lori refused to talk to Mare for months, but eventually she sent Mare home. Together, they sat on the kitchen floor and cried.

It seems that Mare’s life has fallen for the better. Her daughter goes to college and Carrie (Sosie Bacon) I chose to go back to rehab and allowed my son to spend time with Mare. She also reunited with Richard (Guy Pearce) And, at first glance, it seems that a conclusion has been reached regarding the death of her son. At the last moment, she went down the attic stairs and climbed for the first time.

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Male finale in Easttown: Who killed Erin?

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