Mall Santa is making concessions to the coronavirus

Arnold said he plans to sit in a snow globe-like structure, an oversized sled, and a fire engine to keep a safe distance from the children in three scheduled engagements. He also wears a handmade mask large enough to hold a mustache and an 8-inch long chin. (Arnold is a proud member of Real Beard Santa’s International Brotherhood, saying he can make up to $ 250 an hour by wrapping a £ 255 6-foot frame in Santa’s rise and appearing publicly.)

“I want to emphasize that Christmas is coming, regardless of my current health,” he said. “Don’t worry about it. Santa will find a way.”

Arnold is one of the lucky ones. Many Santas are absent from work this season as the virus rampages.

Timothy Konagan conducted a “red suit survey” of many of the 4,500 graduates of Santa Claus International University, and about 20% of the 361 Santas who responded did not expect to work at all this year. I found out.

“Because of their own health concerns, they don’t go out or have no job for them because everything has been reduced,” Konagan said.

Many of the working Santas are playing safely online.

One is Steve Gilham, a professional Santa who has visited hospital children in the past. This year, he turned his room in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, into a studio for virtual visits.

65-year-old Gillham sits in a “Santa’s chair” (actually a tree in a one-century-old hall, or a bench attached to a coat rack) and heads to a series of computer screens. When the kids come online, their wife Debra Gillham appears off-screen and uses the information provided by their parents to chat about their age, hobbies, and toy preferences as if they knew them. Secretly send a signal to. He also tells a story and draws surprises from the bag.

Mall Santa is making concessions to the coronavirus

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