Man charged after bringing mother’s tarp-wrapped body to VA hospital – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-26 15:17:00 –

Nashville, TennesseeWKRN) – A man has been charged after bringing the body of a deceased mother wrapped in a tarpaulin Nashville According to the arrest warrant from the police, VA Medical Center.

According to the warrant, 37-year-old Thomas Henshall took his mother’s body to the hospital on Saturday at 5:19 pm. The body was reportedly wrapped in a tarpaulin behind the truck. A medical worker arrived at the scene and confirmed that the woman was dead.

According to police, Henshall was with his girlfriend and said his mother had committed suicide.

Both Henshall and his girlfriend were taken to police headquarters, where they waived their rights and spoke to a murder investigator.

Henshall’s girlfriend told the detective that he called her on Friday and sounded very distraught again on Saturday. The warrant states that he then went to his girlfriend’s residence and found his mother in the woods, she was dead, and they told her she needed to take her somewhere. ..

Henshall told his girlfriend that his mother was behind the truck and had been with her for a long time. The warrant states that both he and his girlfriend stopped by for food, gas and coffee before driving to Chattanooga’s VA medical center.

Police then said they took the victim’s body across state borders and passed through multiple hospitals and police stations.

According to the warrant, they finally drove to the Nashville VA Medical Center and told hospital staff that the victim had committed suicide.

The warrant states that Henshall did not report the discovery of his mother’s body. He also states that he has touched, modified, or concealed the victim’s body, clothing, and personal belongings.

In an interview with the detective, Henshall said he was right next to the victim when she shot herself. But he told his girlfriend that he had found his mother in the woods.

Henshall said he fixed the gun to the RV. He told investigators that his RV was somewhere in the woods near the lake in Chattanooga and would not reveal any further details.

When asked about his cell phone, Henshall said he left it in Chattanooga. The detective believes this is wrong because he sent an email from his cell phone to his girlfriend while he was with her early in the day. The detective said the victim “he takes no responsibility. He agreed to free me from my misery.”

Henshall exercised his Miranda rights when asked how the victim got the gun.

Henshall has been charged with falsification of evidence, removal or obstruction of the body, and failure to report the discovery of the corpse based on the facts presented.

Man charged after bringing mother’s tarp-wrapped body to VA hospital Source link Man charged after bringing mother’s tarp-wrapped body to VA hospital

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