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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-06-09 05:18:07 –

The man accused of murdering Vanessa Marcotte is trying to cast important DNA evidence linking him to crime at a Wednesday morning hearing in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Worcester’s Angelo Colon Ortiz has been accused of killing 27-year-old Marcott, who was running near Princeton’s mother’s house five years ago. Colon Ortiz claims innocence He will appear in court at 9 am on charges of murder.

A lawyer representing Colon Ortiz argues that evidence of DNA, a swab on the cheek taken in 2016 when police were looking for a suspect, should be excluded from the trial.

According to investigators, Colon-Ortis has agreed to provide a sample that matches the DNA taken from under Marcot’s fingernails.

However, the defense argued that his consent was not voluntary and therefore no evidence was legally collected, as Colon-Ortis could not understand what he had agreed to because of the language barrier. ..

Marcott visited his mother in Princeton, Massachusetts in 2016, but was unable to return from running. Her body was found A few hours later, I went to the nearby forest.

Man Charged With Murder Due in Court – NBC Boston Source link Man Charged With Murder Due in Court – NBC Boston

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