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Aurora, Colorado — In less than a month, you’ll be upset that the person responsible for the shootings in Aurora killed five people. The victim’s daughter shares her pain in the hope that the court and others will listen.

“My life wasn’t the same as it used to be,” said Keila Reichert with tears in her eyes.

On Labor Day 1998, Reichert witnessed the murder of his mother, Penny Bowman.

Kayla Reichert

Penny Bowman, daughter Keila Reichert, son Greg Medra

“I was upstairs, changed clothes, heard gunshots, and came down to the landing where I saw my mother die in front of me,” she said.

Bowman was one of five people shot dead in what was called the “Labor Day Massacre” in Aurora.

Reichert’s brother Greg Medra and his girlfriend Marissa Abalos were also killed shortly before Penny Bowman.

Penny Bowman and his son, Greg Medra

Kayla Reichert

Penny Bowman and his son, Greg Medra

“They came from the basement to our house, shot my brother while he was sleeping, and then shot my girlfriend. They came upstairs, where my mother shot in front of me. I saw the murderer leave just behind me, “Reichert said.

Marissa Avalos

Abalos family

Marissa Avalos was 16 years old when she was killed.

Zack Oberto and Ed Morales Jr. were victims killed in another house in Aurora.

Zack Oberto and Ed Morals Jr.

Denver7 archive

Ed Morales Jr. shared with Denver 7 in 1998. And a photo of Zachobert.

The shooter, 17-year-old Alexander Pogosian, was also suspected of killing his accomplice, 18-year-old Michael Martinez. However, Pogosian was not charged with Martinez’s murder.

Pogosyan was tried and convicted of killing five other people. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1999 without the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors said Pogosian was angry with all the victims and sought revenge.

“One person completely destroyed so many lives and completely mine,” said Bowman’s daughter.

“He will never know freedom again, and he shouldn’t,” someone involved in the case told Denver 7 at the time.

Reaction to 1998 ruling Aurora murder rampage

On December 21, Pogosian is indignant.

of year 2012The US Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to sentence a boy to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

2016, new Colorado Law He resented all boys sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole and required them to qualify for parole in just 30 years. here..

Pogosyan has been in prison for 22 years.

“Anyone who shoots and kills five execution styles and kills someone’s mother in front of them is not worth seeing,” Reichert said. “For me, forgiveness is never forgive. Forgiveness is guaranteed to those who show remorse, but it is not.”

Reichert’s mom is 60 years old today and her brother is in her 40s.

“I could have imagined how my life would have been if I had my mother and brother,” she said.

Today, Reichert has devoted his life to defending those killed by Pogosian.

“I’m here to take over their memory, and I’m going to make sure Alex knows that too,” she said. “Some people are in prison and deserve to stay there.”

Reichert wants to connect with the loved ones of other victims before resentment. She can be contacted at

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