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Man Deadly Stabs Roommate During Conflict at Long Beach – NBC Los Angeles – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-01-28 23:29:59 –

The man was fatally stabbed during a dispute between him and his roommates on Thursday at Long Beach.

According to Long Beach police, police officers were called to block 2600 on 56th Avenue around 8:30 am, where the man had a puncture wound on his upper body.

The man who told the police that he had been attacked by his housemate died on the scene. His name has not been published.

Police said the first investigation found that two roommates had a dispute in the apartment and “escalated to a puncture wound.”

Another roommate “stays on the scene and cooperates in the investigation,” police said.

In a statement, the agency said, “At this time, investigations are underway to determine if the suspects are victims of the crime, their identities have not yet been revealed, and the motive for the case is We are currently investigating. “

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