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Denver, Colorado 2021-07-19 00:27:40 –

Chicago — A Florida man who broke the U.S. Senate with the flag of the Trump campaign was first convicted of a felony in a hearing that helped set standards for punishment in similar cases. I’m going to be a mob of the day.

Prosecutors want Paul Allard Hodgkins to serve behind the bar for 18 months, and in a recent filing, he “contributed to a collective threat to democracy, like each mob. A shelter from the incoming mob, temporarily abandoning Joe Biden’s proof of election victory to lawmakers.

The video footage shows Hodgkins, 38, wearing a Trump 2020 T-shirt. The flag is hung on the shoulder and the eye goggles are hung on the neck in the Senate. He took a selfie with a self-proclaimed shaman in a horned helmet and other mobs on the pedestal behind him.

His ruling in Washington on Monday could set the standard of punishment for hundreds of other defendants in deciding whether to accept a judicial transaction or go to trial. Hodgkin and colleagues have been accused of serious crimes, but have not been charged with their role in larger plots, as others have.

Hodgkins lawyer last month pleaed a plea for interfering with official proceedings and demanded that Judge Randolph Moss of the US District Court not be sentenced to imprisonment. As a punishment.

“The punishment offered by this court will be inferior to the scarlet letter that Hodgkins wears for the rest of his life,” said Patrick N. Redak in a recent submission by Nathaniel Hawthorne, who was accused of adultery. I wrote it by quoting Hawthorne’s novel. I am obliged to wear the letter “A”.

Filing argues that Hodgkins’ behavior was not significantly different from Anna Morgan Lloyd’s behavior, except that Hodgkins stepped into the Senate floor. A 49-year-old woman from Indiana was sentenced to the first sentence of about 500 arrests. She pleaded guilty to the chaotic acts of misdemeanor and was sentenced to three years of probation last month.

Hodgkins has never been accused of assaulting anyone or damaging property. The prosecutor said he was liable almost immediately and deserved some generosity for pleading guilty to sabotage with up to 20 years in prison.

But they also noted that he boarded the bus in his hometown of Tampa with ropes, protective goggles and latex gloves in his backpack for the January 6th trample rally.

According to prosecutors, on the day he walked through a site scattered with already destroyed police barriers and broken windows, past police officers and others injured as a crowd surged towards the Capitol.

Man faces 1st sentencing for felony in riot at U.S. Capitol – The Denver Post Source link Man faces 1st sentencing for felony in riot at U.S. Capitol – The Denver Post

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