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Man Falls Off Catalina Express Ferry Off Long Beach – NBC Los Angeles – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-06-11 09:05:57 –

A search was underway after a 24-year-old man fell overboard from the Catalina Express off Long Beach on Friday morning.

Deckhands tried to help, and the US Coast Guard is now leading the search.

The man, whose identity was not immediately disclosed, fell off the ferry three miles from Long Beach to Avalon around 6 pm on Thursday. His family is on the scene, but he can only wait for the authorities to continue his search.

The 24-year-old was riding with his girlfriend when people saw him go over the side of the boat. Catalina Express owners say the Deck Hands reaction was immediate.

The decker threw a lifebuoy at the man, but he doesn’t believe he caught it. According to the Coast Guard, their viability model shows that a 24-year-old child can survive up to 24 hours. Of course, many other factors are involved.

The Coast Guard and many other agencies continue to look for the man.

The Coast Guard, which leads the search for the man on the Catalina ferry, lasts all night, but they don’t call it a recovery mission. Robert Kovacik reports on NBC4 News on June 10, 2021 at 11:00 pm.

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