Man fighting cancer runs 37 miles for rare cancer research – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2020-11-20 03:21:22 –

Fresno, CA-Teachers in the Fresno region fighting rare forms of cancer ran 37 miles to raise funding and awareness for rare cancer research.

Joel Stetler, a third-year teacher at Lincoln Elementary School in Clovis, was diagnosed with metastatic fibrous mucinous sarcoma in 2015. This cancer is rare and affects less than 1% of all adult cancer patients.

“And it covers my lungs. It started on my feet, and as of that day, and even today, there is no known cure yet,” said Stellar.

“The oncologist I was assigned basically told me, well Joel, nothing really available. Your cancer is really rare, so we will give you for the time you have left. It can be comfortable, and for my wife and I it was just unacceptable, “he said.

“Cancer patients never have to sit in the clinic and hear that you have a terminal illness and there is nothing we can do about it.”

After his diagnosis, Stellar began looking for ways to raise money and awareness for rare cancer studies.

“Approximately 900 people are diagnosed with cancer like me each year. Not enough to fill a high school gym, but 900 of them are 900 with family, responsibility, dreams and aspirations, and they Deserves every minute of life Comes to them “

During his search, he found Brave Like Gabe, a rare cancer research foundation named after Gabriele Grunewald, a professional runner who died of rare cancer in 2019.

To honor her and raise funding and awareness for rare cancer research and patients, Stellar decided he would run more than ever: 37 miles on his 37th birthday. He was joined by his friend Phil Singh, who recently defeated cancer.

“Since then, I’ve been his wingman while Joel is on his gun journey. I stop running with Joel until we both overtake his gun. No, that’s all about this journey, “Shin said.

The two set out with the goal of raising $ 3,700. At the time of this article, they had raised over $ 5,600 for research on rare cancers with the help of friends and students. Ellory Morrow and Sofia McCommas have sold cookies through their Instagram page, raising over $ 1,000 for Stetler’s purposes.

Students and supporters will also set up an aid station along the route of Stella to encourage and hydrate him in the middle of Stella. Friends and family gathered at the finish line and cheered on when Stellar finished.

“I tell my students that there is a reason for someone to say something good, and if life gets in your way, fight it in every way you can,” Stellar said. .. “I don’t have a cure yet, but it gave me life today and healed me today, and it’s ready to be taken in the way you can.”

By donating to their fundraising activities here, you can donate for Joel’s purposes and raise money for Brave Like Gabe.

Click here for more information on Brave Like Gabe.

Man fighting cancer runs 37 miles for rare cancer research Source link Man fighting cancer runs 37 miles for rare cancer research

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