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“My heart is directed at my family and friends. It’s a little reassuring to know that we have her now,” said Sheriff Matt Myers.

Bartholomew County, Indiana — Divers found the body of a missing two-year-old girl downstream from where her father’s truck sank in the White River, Bartholomew County Security Officer Matt Myers announced on Sunday. Did. Forensic autopsy of the infant will take place on Monday and results are expected in 4-6 weeks.

Emma Sweet was last seen in Bartholomew County on Wednesday, November 24th. Four days after she was last seen, a large search was conducted in and around some of the White River where her father and his truck were found.

Truck found on the White River

“When I say’embankment’, I’m talking about the 15-20-foot soil embankment he climbed,” Sheriff Myers said.

A sheriff’s agent responded to a truck on the river at Blessing Road, 1700 blocks west of the White River, around 6 am on Friday. The duck hunter found a truck on which one was riding, later identified as Jeremy Sweet.

He was taken to Columbus Regional Hospital because of hypothermia. He was still being treated there as of Saturday.

The agent was reported to have found Sweet — with his 2-year-old daughter — missing on Thursday. Police said Jeremy had been detained and released from prison after being charged with illegal possession of a firearm by a serious violent serious offender in May.

He was also charged with possession of methamphetamine.

Police believed his father was familiar with the area near Beatty Lane on the eastern side of the river, and said the truck went out of the 15-foot embankment. He had a needle when they found Sweet, but it’s not clear if the needle was a drug or drug-related. Sweet has been put on hold for 72 hours for further investigation by police officers.

The father told the police two stories about his daughter. He said he dropped her first, but didn’t know where he was. He later said she was on the truck with him when he got into the water and she got wet, so he put her on the hood of the truck and she was swept away by the stream. rice field.

“One of the two stories was that he was taking his two-year-old daughter Emma when he got off the embankment. When I said’embankment’, I went 15-20 feet. I’m done talking about the Earth’s embankment, “Myers said.

After hearing Sweet’s story, Myers said his office “immediately” contacted other state and local agencies to seek help in initiating Emma’s search.

Extensive search for Emma Sweet and her coat found downstream

“In the thirty years I’ve been involved in law enforcement, I’ve never seen a group of men and women working so hard that I had to find this young girl for my family,” Sheriff Myers said. Told.

The Indiana Natural Resources Department and the Indianapolis Police Department diving team searched for water on Friday, looking for a little girl. A drone and a state police helicopter were looking for her from above.

On Saturday, volunteers joined DNR divers, ISPs, and several local police and fire departments to continue their search for Emma’s ground and rivers. In some circumstances, Saturday’s Myers said it could be a recovery effort rather than a rescue.

“All institutions have worked together for the common goal of finding Emma and taking her to her family,” Myers said.

Police said Emma was likely underwater. Search volunteers wanted the best and didn’t give up.

“Extra eyes can make a difference. If it’s my kid, I want someone here to help. Everyone wants help here,” said Aaron, a volunteer helping the search.・ Christian said. ..

The truck was pulled out of the water and searched around 10:30 am on Saturday.

Some of Jeremy Sweet’s items have been recovered from the truck. Divers also confirmed that Emma wasn’t in the truck or in the water beneath it.

However, people walking along the embankment found Emma’s coat about two miles downstream from where the hunter found his father in a partially submerged truck.

“Our detective talked to Jeremy several times, and he told a different story, but it was [finding the coat] I made us believe she was underwater with him, “Myers said.

The next day, the search process resumed. Every day, the rescuers wanted to find Emma.

Emma Sweet’s body found:

“This isn’t about Jeremy Sweet today, it’s about Emma and how we can find this beautiful kid and return her to her family,” Sheriff Myers said.

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers, Indianapolis Police Department representatives, and others who helped with the search held a solemn press conference on Sunday morning.

“I promised my family to find Emma. I was convinced that the group of men and women we were looking for could find her if she was underwater,” Myers said. I did.

Myers announced that Emma’s body was found in a river about three miles downstream from where the truck was submerged. This wasn’t too far from where her coat was found.

“We received news that divers had placed her downstream and they were able to pull her out of the water. She is currently with a Bartholomew County coroner at the hospital,” Myers said. Told.

Bartholomew County coroner Clayton Norting ordered Sweet’s forensic autopsy. The autopsy will take place on Monday, November 29th, and the results are expected to take approximately 4-6 weeks.

Myers once again praised the institutions, volunteers, and Emma’s family who were there at every stage of the search.

“My heart is directed at my family and friends and I’m a little relieved to know that we have her now,” Myers said.

Fire Chief Dave Thompson issued a statement stating the efforts of the rescue team:

“As you know, the body of 2-year-old Emma Sweet was recovered from the White River yesterday. Keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. This is an overwhelming feeling for everyone. It was a tragic event with a lot of pain.

I would like to talk about first responders. Unfortunately, tragic events are part of the job. All losses are difficult for us, but when it’s a kid things change. We all prayed every day that this would have different consequences and that Emma would find somewhere safe and healthy. From the time of their first dispatch until it got dark every day, they didn’t stop looking physically until she was found. Sheriffs, agents, and detectives worked all night to gather information to help us find her. I am not seeking praise or gratitude. We want residents of Bartholomew County to know about a great group of first responders in Bartholomew County.

Emma’s family suffers from the great loss that our hearts are directed at them first and foremost. Also, our hearts are heavy, so protect your first responder in your prayers. May Emma rest in peace now. “

As you know, the body of 2-year-old Emma Sweet was recovered from the White River yesterday. Protect her …

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