Man hailed hero for taking down rape suspect outside store – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-05-01 10:08:43 –

Savannah, Georgia (WSAV) – Savannah Residents Georgia Neighbors call Damian Austin a hero to detain a man He was accused of raping a woman in a grocery store bathroom.

Nexstar’s WSAV has obtained exclusive security footage showing the exact moment Austin defeated suspected 25-year-old Gregory Hathorn.

Gregory Hathorn

Austin says she was shopping at a nearby Kroger store when she heard a woman yelling from the bathroom.

“It wasn’t a normal cry, so it made my hair stand behind my neck,” Austin recalled.

He said there was some confusion at the Berwick store and he quickly understood what had happened.

“The woman behind me said,’He raped the girl in the bathroom,’ and she once said she had nothing to do except to leave the door after him,” Austin said. Said.

This is a situation where many people, not Austin, run in the opposite direction. Former Marines chased Hathorn through the parking lot and ended up behind a nearby Ace Hardware store.

The surveillance video shows Austin approaching Hathorn with a gun.

“I told him to put his hands in the air. He set them up accordingly,” Austin said. “I told him to get to the ground, and he tried to say something, and I said:’Don’t say a word.'”

After a while, a woman in the parking lot jumped in to help Austin detain the suspect.

“She went into the store. A minute later she came out with a pack of big cable ties and pulled out a couple and walked there,” Austin said.

“I kept drawing him and made sure he didn’t move,” he added.

The police officer finally arrived at the scene. The video shows the handcuffed Hathorn being detained.

Austin’s courage was not overlooked. The camera captured the moment when the Ace Hardware store manager began to thank him.

“It’s $ 100. Thank you for what you did,” the manager said when he gave Austin a gift card.

Austin said he wasn’t asking for praise, but thanked him for his kind gestures.

“It was great just for what you did, and we’re just grateful for it,” said the manager.

“Thank you,” Austin replied.

Austin said he was happy to know that his community was safer and hopes that the victim can be reassured that he is suspected of being an attacker.

“I immediately thought,” My wife is shopping here, my wife has a friend who is shopping here, and my son is working here, “Austin said. “So, after doing what he did, it was to keep this person from escaping.”

Austin says he hasn’t talked to the victim, but he and his family say they’re sending her prayers.

“I hope this doesn’t determine her life from this point on,” Austin said.

“Some people still care and they will act when they need it,” he added.

Police say they are still processing the evidence and interviewing other witnesses. Kroger did not immediately answer the question as to whether the store would change the safety protocol.

Man hailed hero for taking down rape suspect outside store Source link Man hailed hero for taking down rape suspect outside store

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