Man hit by car while crossing Lakewood street faces charge – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-02-22 17:07:12 –

WARNING: You may be interested in the above video.

Lakewood, Ohio (WJW)-A lawyer representing local musicians. I was seriously injured when I hit an SUV. Lakewood Earlier this month, he said he didn’t think his client should be facing prosecution.

Charles Eversall was injured in the crash and was quoted by police. He faces a minor offense of right of way at a pedestrian crossing and states that pedestrian behavior caused danger.

“I remember that the car was almost there, and then I was in the ambulance,” Eversall told Team I on Monday. “A Lakewood cop received my statement in my hospital bed and said I was wrong when he received my statement. This was before I met the doctor in the emergency room. did.”

His lawyer said Eversole should not be prosecuted.

“I was shocked to find Charles quoted in this,” said lawyer Mike Astrab. “They accused him of suddenly leaving the curb area and entering the intersection. Well, anyone with an ounce of common sense watching the video, he suddenly left the curb. You can see that he didn’t enter the pedestrian crossing. By the time he was struck, he was already over half. The problem here is trying to run the yellow light. It’s just that the speeding driver has changed to the wrong lane towards the oncoming lane. “

The city’s legal director said the case was reviewed and authorities felt that the charges had been filed appropriately.

Eversall, a former artistic director of Cleveland’s singing angel, said he couldn’t work because of the COVID-19 crisis. He is currently facing thousands of dollars in medical costs and potential fines.

His friend started GoFundMe account To help with his medical expenses.

He plans to fight the charges. The case will be brought to trial in March.

Man hit by car while crossing Lakewood street faces charge Source link Man hit by car while crossing Lakewood street faces charge

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