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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-18 21:59:52 –

Elyria, Ohio (WJW) — Water spouting into East Falls, Black River, Ohio Elyria On Sundays, it will push the flow up and raise the water level further downstream.

“Usually when it rains so much, the area is flooded, but it’s not. You don’t see this every day,” said resident Douglas Lin.

Overflowing water kept first responders busy throughout the weekend. First in the north of Cascade Park. “This area is only accessible by pedestrians or bicycles.”

Jim Jimnick, director of Metroparks, Lorraine County, says the man rode a bicycle in a park that was closed shortly before noon.

“And he seemed to have a dog with him, and he was swept into the river. Someone witnessed this man clinging to a log.”

The dog was also caught in the stream, and the ranger split to find both.

“Behold, one of our rangers said I met him. In fact, at that point the man was able to step in and he himself climbed up the river and went to our ranger. It was. “

After that, the emergency medical staff took over.

“They took care of the man and reportedly took him home. He was okay, apparently a little upset.”

I haven’t seen a dog yet.

“Most law enforcement agencies here, our own law enforcement agencies, and the Lorain County community, which obviously has all the floods and other damages, and you know the emergency, to deal with it, Unfortunately, I’m sure you can’t spend a lot of time finding a dog. “

Within 10 minutes on Greenville Road, Lorain County The sheriff’s agent went to a health checkup for a mother and boy who appeared to be in a house surrounded by water.

“Whenever there is a flood alert on this tributary of the Black River, this is probably one of the first places to flood,” said Kurt Blair, assistant chief of the Carlyle Township Fire Department.

The only way to find them was by boat. When they get home, it’s empty and the two are believed to be safe.

People living in the area say they have never seen the Black River so high since 1969. The hillside was completely flooded, “Rin said.

Ziemnik says the park system will post the necessary signs in times of danger and encourage people to respect them for the safety of all.

“They are curious. They want to go see it and that’s okay, but climb the altitude and keep a safe distance.”

Ziemnik says there is no knowledge or record that he had to rescue there before, as the majority of park visitors respect the warning signs.

Man rescued, dog missing in Elyria floods Source link Man rescued, dog missing in Elyria floods

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