Man runs toward fiery crash, saves driver on Missouri highway – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-01-15 16:18:36 –

ST. Charles County, Missouri (KTVI) – A violent camera-captured collision on Wednesday revealed that a man was sprinting towards a wreck a few seconds before the vehicle burned.

“I started sprinting and came down to whether it exploded, I think this is where God intended to go,” Austin Killian said.

A 26-year-old from the small town of Jonesburg in central Missouri, Kirian was hesitant to share his photos and talk about what he had done.

“We are all heroes. We really are. It takes such a moment to put it in your point of view,” he said.

Killian saw a crash while driving a truck on Highway 370 in St. Charles County.

“It wasn’t surreal. It was true because I knew I had to do something on the spot,” he said.

The video from the scene shows him running towards a trapped truck driver.

“I run like a complete douk. I didn’t notice,” he joked.

Killian said another hero was with him.

“We both put our hands in there and stripped off the glass. The driver was hung on the seatbelt, so we reached out there, clicked on the seatbelt, hooked our arm, and from there I pulled it right away, “he said. “I pulled him away from it as soon as possible.”

Killian said the driver was shocked but was okay before the doctor helped him. Killian doesn’t know his name, or even the name of another good Samaritan.

“I believe God put me there,” he said.

Killian said he agreed to speak in the hope that this moment would be a turning point in our country.

“There are a lot of denials. There are a lot of things I don’t want to say, but now this country seems to hate. I don’t think we as a country can move on unless we find something in common. .. Understand that we are all heroes. We really are, “he said. “It will take such time.”

Man runs toward fiery crash, saves driver on Missouri highway Source link Man runs toward fiery crash, saves driver on Missouri highway

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