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Man shot by LMPD officer in Louisville’s Beechmont neighborhood identified in court documents | News – Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky

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Louisville, Kentucky (WDRB)-A man shot dead by a Louisville Metro police officer in the Beechmont district on March 11 was identified in court documents.

The man was identified as Brian Nigel Beach, 26, in Simpsonville, Kentucky, according to arrest reports. He was charged with attempted murder of police officers, a third assault by police or probation officers, a first escape on foot or evasion of police, and resistance to arrest.

According to the arrest report, an investigator at the Louisville Fire Department’s Arson Department was trying to arrest the beach for two arson at the Louisville Metro Arson Headquarters when trying to escape. According to the arrest report, the two brawled and the investigator suffered minor injuries such as an abrasion on his left forearm.

According to the arrest report, the chase continued and investigators contacted LMPD for help.

LMPD spokeswoman Beth Ruoff said last week that the Louisville Fire Department’s arson station arrested a suspect who wanted “domestic violence-related arson” at around 2:30 pm on Ashland Avenue near the corner. Said he asked for LMPD support. On Maple Street and South Fifth Street in Louisville.

Ruoff said LMPD police found the suspect in a “residential area” on Maple Court. According to Ruoff, he was armed with a knife and “and the struggle continued.”

The arrest report confirms Ruoff’s explanation, but Beach adds, “I tried to cut my neck with a knife.”

“LMPD police have given Mr. Beach some orders to stop cutting himself and drop the knife,” the arrest report said. “Mr. Beach did not obey the police’s orders.”

According to arrest reports, police tried to use non-fatal forces to quell the suspect, Ruoff said. Neither method worked, according to the report.

According to police, the beach picked up a trash can, threw it at a police officer, and then tried to run again.

“When a policeman tried to catch Mr. Beach, he slammed a policeman on the ground and stood on him,” the arrest report said. “While standing on top of the policeman, Mr. Beach tried to stab the policeman with the intention of causing death.”

The arrest report does not mention shooting. However, Ruoff reported last week that LMPD police fired a gun and beat the suspect. He was hospitalized after the shooting and his condition was not released.

According to arrest reports, the policeman Beach, who tried to stab him, was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital for treatment because he was injured in the struggle. Luoff said the police had suffered a head injury at this time. His or her condition has not been released.

The current state of the beach is unknown. He will be prosecuted Wednesday morning, according to online court documents. However, court system notes indicate that the beach may still be in the hospital.

According to the arrest report, “all actions were captured by cameras worn by multiple police officers.” As of Tuesday, the video has not been released.

Kentucky police will process the investigation in accordance with the policy enacted in 2020 following the deadly shootings of Breona Taylor and David McCati by Louisville law enforcement agencies.KSP has investigated since the policy was implemented Brian Allencerman’s deadly shooting, 49, November 22nd, traffic outage in Portland area.

KSP took 8 days Released body camera video taken by Sirman And identify the LMPD officer who shot him. When the LMPD investigated a shooting involving a police officer inside, the department typically released body camera footage to identify the police officer who fired the weapon within 24 hours of the incident.

KSP is also under investigation March 9 male shooting by LMPD officer Behind Wal-Mart in the West Buechelle district. According to LMPD, the shooting took place after the man led the police to chase and engaged in a shootout with the police behind the store.

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Man shot by LMPD officer in Louisville’s Beechmont neighborhood identified in court documents | News Source link Man shot by LMPD officer in Louisville’s Beechmont neighborhood identified in court documents | News

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