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Man who caused Delta flight diversion to OKC charged in federal court – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free Press) — A Georgian man has been charged in federal court with anomalous behavior that caused Delta Air Lines, on which he was aboard, to take emergency action and divert to Will Rogers World Airport on Friday. ..

Stephon Jamar Duncan, 34, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, was charged with “interference between crew and crew” on Monday by Deputy Federal Attorney Robert J. Troester in the Western District of Oklahoma.

Delta’s flight attendant, Duncan, was off duty at the time on flights from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

He said he began fighting flight crew when he tried to stop announcing, thinking he was “sitting next to a terrorist” during the flight.

If convicted, Duncan could be fined up to $ 250,000 in federal prison for up to 20 years and then released under surveillance for up to 3 years.

When Oklahoma City’s Delta Air Lines flight 1730 landed, three Oklahoma City police officers arrested Duncan. The FBI then withheld Duncan, joined OKCPD to investigate, and was charged in federal court.

“Strange and delusional”

The OKCPD report by the arrested police included several statements, some of which were both on-duty and off-duty Delta personnel.

The airline must regularly bring flight attendants and flight attendants to the airport where they will receive flight assignments. Duncan was flying for that purpose with several other Delta employees, including an off-duty Delta pilot.

On-duty and off-duty crew members and some other passengers eventually detained Duncan, who acted excitedly about what the flight attendants called “strange and delusional behavior.”

Police reported that the crew had heard that he was “sitting next to a terrorist” and hiding his personal belongings in various places on the plane.

The flight attendants collected those items and handed them over to the police. Police reported that they were “tennis balls, trash, food written on them.”


One of the flight attendants on duty told police that Duncan had handed the memo on the receipt first.

The memo says: “I’m ATL based ———– Alert Delta Manager — a terrorist on board.
95835 / Contact pilot. “


Eventually, Duncan’s behavior became more extreme. An off-duty Delta pilot told police that Duncan went to the plane’s intercom system and announced that the plane had been hijacked and that it would be “less than 10,000 feet.”

He physically attacked the crew as the flight crew on duty began telling Duncan to stop and tried to keep him away from the front of the plane.

According to a statement to police, Duncan “using his forearm” pushed a flight attendant against the wall.

Police reported that Duncan slammed an off-duty flight attendant against the wall and began to suffocate.

Some of the flight crew, off-duty Delta personnel, and some passengers fought with Duncan as he tried to get him out of the galley area near the cabin of the plane.

Eventually, they were able to conquer Duncan on the island. When police entered the landing program, they said Duncan was sitting “flex cuffed.”

The trial date was not given by a US law firm.

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Man who caused Delta flight diversion to OKC charged in federal court Source link Man who caused Delta flight diversion to OKC charged in federal court

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