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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-29 22:57:11 –

Painesville, Ohio (WJW) —Thursday night, birthday wishes and lifelong dreams come true. Painesville Lake County’s speedway when 29-year-old Charles Decapua first pedaled into metal.

DeCapua was born with cerebral palsy and other challenges and has spent most of her life in a wheelchair, but loves fast cars and motorsports.

“All I’m thinking about is driving the car,” said Decapua, who arrived at the Fairport Nursery Road truck with family and friends.

According to his mother, Dina Defilippo, Charles learned how to drive, but he hurt his back and has been unable to drive ever since.

So it was touching for everyone to see him lifted into the car.

“I start crying,” Dina said. “We are very excited and at the same time nervous.”

The Trans-Am was built by Charles and his father John Defilippo and was named Frankenstein or Frankie because it contained parts for different model years.

“We did everything together in this car. We did everything in this car. We literally made this car from scratch,” John said.

It actually comes in third at Auto Rama in a year and another show, and can reach 140 mph.

Charles started slowly, but after a few laps of warm-up, his loved ones cheered him on and held back his tears, so he burned out and flew around the track.

“I’m (paused) speechless. I’m proud of both kids, which is great.”

Neighbors actually brought the family into contact with the Pain’s Building Speedway. The Paynesville Speedway opened it for free and awarded Charles the checkered flag and the winner’s circle trophy.

“His family came to us with that idea. It looked really cool. We love to make people’s dreams come true. It was great. He was a champion. “

At dawn, sitting behind the steering wheel, Charles was very grateful and smiled from ear to ear.

When asked what his favorite part was, he replied, “Over 35 mph.”

When asked if this was his best birthday ever, he said so, but then he wanted to make a wish to everyone else.

“I want to tell everyone with disabilities, whether you’re driving on a race track or rock climbing, don’t be afraid to make your dreams come true. If you want to, aim for it.” Charles says.

And Charles has no plans to slow down.

He runs a successful Facebook group called “ThirdGen F-Bodies Worldwide” with nearly 17,000 members worldwide from Switzerland to Japan. He says he intends to continue pursuing his dreams and wants others to do so.

Man with cerebral palsy gets birthday wish on Painesville Speedway Source link Man with cerebral palsy gets birthday wish on Painesville Speedway

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