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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-01-13 16:26:32 –

Manatee County, Florida (CW44 News 10am) – Manatee County received an additional 1,000 more COVID-19 vaccines, which it plans to administer soon on Thursday. This announcement simplifies the process of scheduling a vaccine.

To register for the vaccine, Manatee County officials visit the county’s website and[今すぐ登録]Simply click and enter the information and it will enter the standby pool. From there, members of the standby pool are randomly selected and called to receive an appointment for COVID-19 vaccination.

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Manatee County resident Chuck Richton Warner says he was vaccinated more than a week ago and is waiting for his friends over the age of 65 to be selected from a random waiting pool. “They are also very careful about their lifestyle to stay healthy until they start getting vaccinated, so no one is worried.”

Manatee County spokesman Nicholas Azara said the previous registration system was that many people were logged on to make reservations, websites were frozen, and phone lines were down. “So we decided to do what we could to get rid of that rush again and create this list of waiting people. Just because you’re the first, we communicate all the time. Have tried [to register on the website] Not eligible for first shot [on-site].. “

Azzara says that when you register, you will be assigned a number. “All people [registered] The data is populated in an Excel spreadsheet in the pool and their names are randomized. “
According to the Manatee County Health Department, about 95,000 people are enrolled in the vaccine waiting pool, and if you are selected to book, the 3-1-1 center will call you. “We can only ask people patiently,” Azara added.

CW44 News 10 o’clock

Ritchin Warner says they are still taking precautions while his friends are waiting for their vaccine. “Most of my friends are like me, I’m isolated. I haven’t been in a restaurant for almost a year. I probably go to the grocery store twice a week. Mask. Gloves I put it in. I am paying close attention. “

According to health officials, if you have problems registering online, you can instead pick up the phone and dial 3-1-1 between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays to register.
There are 1,000 vaccines in Manatee County, which will be given Thursday at the drive-through vaccination site in Bennett Park. County officials do not know when the COVID vaccine will arrive.

You do not have to live in Manatee County, but vaccinated people must stay in Manatee County or return to Manatee County for the second vaccination (28 days after the first appointment). Note: Vaccine eligibility is determined by the requirements of the Governor at the state level.

Please note that fraudulent sites sell the COVID-19 vaccine to the general public in Manatee County. Please do not register for the vaccine using links other than this web page. Registration is free.

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Manatee County Revamps Covid Vaccine Registration Process, Receives Another Shipment Of Doses – CBS Atlanta Source link Manatee County Revamps Covid Vaccine Registration Process, Receives Another Shipment Of Doses – CBS Atlanta

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