Manchin counters Sanders’ criticism over Biden’s investment plans | Democrats

After Vermont Senator, the intra-party war between Progressive and Moderate Democrats over Joe Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion tax and spending package exploded dramatically. Bernie Sanders In an editorial published in the home newspaper of the Democratic Party of Japan, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin launched a thin veiled attack.

Sanders, write in Opponents of the bill are described in Charleston Gazette-Mail as “all Republicans, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, fossil fuel industry, millionaire class” in Congress.

He added that opponents of the bill support the current situation that “while ordinary Americans continue to struggle to achieve their goals, they become much richer.”

The law proposed by Joe Biden is an ambitious package of policies such as free education, climate crisis, and health care, whose supporters liken to the great society of the 1960s and the domestic reforms of the New Deal in the 1930s. increase.

But it ran into opposition from centrists and conservative groups. Democratic Party – Often Manchin is at the forefront – hesitates about its price tag and some of the programs it employs.

Vermont democratic socialist Sanders said polls showed “overwhelming support for the bill.”

“But the political problem we face is that in the 50-50 Senate, every Democratic Senator needs to vote in favor. Currently there are only 48. Senator Joe Two Democratic senators, including Manchin, are against it. “

Another senator mentioned by Sanders is the Kyrsten Cinema in Arizona.

The column caused a quick backlash from Manchin. “This isn’t the first time outsiders have tried to tell West Virginia people what’s best for them, even though they have nothing to do with our state,” he said. Tweet..

Manchin said last Friday he would not vote for a bill called the “Buildback Better Plan,” which again characterized “a reckless expansion of the government program.”

The exchange appears to be less and less likely that the entire spending package will pass in its current form, and the progressive centrist impasse is in line with his administration’s commitment to combat climate change within Biden. It happens because it paralyzes the reform agenda and behavior.

At the heart of the controversy between Sanders and Manchin is the Clean Electricity Performance Program, a $ 150 billion program of spending law guidance designed to accelerate the conversion of US power generation from fossil fuels to renewables. CEPP).

Manchin’s hometown is the second largest coal producer after Wyoming. according to To the Energy Information Administration, and Manchin, he argued that utilities should not receive federal funding for the energy transition already underway.

Manchin is also the chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Commission and has power over the energy components of the bill. He has shown that he is aiming to reduce the $ 3.5 trillion price tag on the spending bill to $ 1.5 trillion.

But simply dropping the supply of clean energy from the proposed bill would come as a great embarrassment to the administration before. Cop26 Climate Summit In Glasgow next month, Biden will focus on aligning verbal commitments to climate initiatives with legislative measures.

In the fight against West Virginia, Sanders has doubled the pressure on his party colleagues.

of Comments to reporters last week, Sanders said: .. “

The White House continues to express its commitment from the ringside to a compromise to obtain an economic package, even if it has not reached a complete measure of spending.

“We are confident we will get it done. We are not going to win $ 3.5 trillion. We will be less than that, but we will get it,” Biden said on Friday. I told you.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki described the deadlock as an example of “the work of democracy.”

“After all, there is no perfect bill.” Saki said in a podcast. “Not everything Joe Biden wants, not everything Joe Manchin wants.”

Manchin counters Sanders’ criticism over Biden’s investment plans | Democrats

Source link Manchin counters Sanders’ criticism over Biden’s investment plans | Democrats

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