Manchin faces growing pressure from Democrats over Biden’s agenda | US Senate

Conservative West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin May stall Joe Biden’s national legislative agenda was found to be under pressure from both wings of his party on Sunday.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took a reconciling approach on CNN’s show, Manchin’s claim A week ago, he refused to support Biden’s flagship, For the People. Voting rights Act or vote to end the filibuster.

“I won’t give up Joe Manchin. I think he left the door open, I think it’s half-open [and] I haven’t given up, “she said, offering the next olive branch. Severe criticism from other Democrats..

“He has some concerns about the laws we may be able to agree on. We have to fight for democracy. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans. We have to go through it because it’s about patriotism, not about partisanship. “

In the second half of the same show Alexandria Ocasio CortezA progressive lawmaker from New York attacked Manchin for sticking to what he saw as an era of “transpartisan romanticism” and “no longer existing” republicanism.

“We have a lot of money influential [donors] It affects both parties in Congress, and I believe that old political practices absolutely affect Joe Manchin’s thinking and the way he navigates his body, “says Casio Cortez. I did.

“do you Koch brothers Related organizations that are really doing a winning lap about Joe Manchin’s opposition [ending the] Filibuster. “

A contrasting approach to the Manchin problem is Growing rift In the Democratic Party. It controls the White House and the House of Representatives, but it appears to be increasingly impossible to advance important elements of Biden’s agenda, including voting rights. $ 1.7 trillion infrastructure plan, Racial justice With effort Gun reform, Through the Senate.

There, the seats are divided into 50-50 and the Democrats vote for a tiebreaker with Vice President Kamala Harris, but the rules of filibuster are many laws in which the minority party does not have the support of at least 60 members. It means that you can prevent.

A colleague urged Manchin to support efforts to end or rebuild the Senate filibuster, but he disagrees.

Ocasio Cortez said Democrats are currently facing a “road turning point.”

“Will it solve far fewer infrastructure packages designed mostly by the Republicans to win 60 votes, or will it really transform the country, create millions of union jobs and renew the power grid? , Can the bridge be repaired and the school rebuilt? In 51 or 50 Democratic votes? “She said.

Manchin faces growing pressure from Democrats over Biden’s agenda | US Senate

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