Manchin meets with civil rights leaders after rejecting Democratic voting bill

Washington – Senator Joe Manchin met with leaders of several civil rights groups on Tuesday morning, two days after moderate West Virginia Democrats. Announced He would not support the widespread but controversial voting rights and election reform bill.

Mr. Manchin’s public opposition is destined to almost ruin Personnel No. 1, known as the National Voting Law.

Participants in the virtual conference on Tuesday included NAACP President Derrick Johnson, National Urban League President Marc Morial, and Rev. Al Sharpton. Representative of the Civil and Human Rights Leadership Council, the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights under the Law, the National Black Women’s Council, and the National Union on Black Citizenship Participation.

Mr Manchin told reporters after the meeting that he was “very productive” and “very informative,” and that the participants “have a constructive conversation.” He said “everyone’s position was discussed,” but admitted that no one believed they changed their stance.

“We are very concerned about protecting our democracy and people’s voting rights and ensuring that it happens,” Manchin said. “Dialogue with these leaders in the future.” I will continue. “

Manchin has expressed opposition to the bill. Editorial He reiterated that he did not support the abolition of the filibuster because of the Charleston Gazette mail issued on Sunday. The filibuster allows a simple majority to proceed with the bill in the Senate. Currently 60 votes are required to limit discussions on the bill and overcome filibuster. Democrats have only 50 seats in the Senate, which means that Vice President Kamala Harris will vote for a tie, which means that most bills will need the support of 10 Republicans to move forward. Many of the Democratic priorities, including, do not get the full support of the Republicans.

so Interview with “Face the Nation” Manchin said on Sunday that he believed the Republicans would work with the Democrats to develop a voting bill that would allow them to pass the Senate with the support of both parties.

“I’m going to fight for this. I think Republicans will understand that they have to fight for this and unite in a voting bill in a bipartisan way,” he said.

Manchin votes against Democrats …


Manchin supports HR 4, or the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which reinstates important provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which was abolished by the Supreme Court in 2013. The bill has the support of at least one Republican senator. Lisa Murkowski, but it’s unclear if she can get the support of nine other Republican senators.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer remains despite Manchin’s opposition to the For the People Act Expected to bring the bill to the floor for voting At the end of June. Some Democrats argue that they are in favor of slimming the For the People Act to prioritize HR 4 or remove the more controversial part. We want to gradually increase the pressure on and other potential resistance forces.

Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia, who had previously insisted on making an exception to the Civil Rights Act of Philibuster, told reporters Monday that he had spoken to Manchin about the voting rights law. Rebutting Manchin’s argument about the need to pass the bipartisan voting rights law, “in light of the fact that we are seeing all these apparently partisan bills coming out of the Senate. It’s interesting. “

“Joe Manchin understands that this is a crucial moment in American history, our children judge us, and our grandchildren judge us based on our current behavior. “I think we’re doing it,” Warnock said. “I promise to ensure that I still maintain voting rights in this country. If I can’t do that as a Senator, we’re most likely. You’ve failed in a radical way. “

Congressman Nancy Pelosi said in a letter to a Democratic colleague on Tuesday that passing HR 4 would not be a sufficient replacement for the For the People Act.

“HR 4 needs to be passed, but it won’t be ready until fall, and it’s not a replacement for HR 1. Senator John Lewis, on page 300, to end the oppression of voters. I wrote HR 1. HR 1 / S. 1 must pass. It is our hope that this will pass through the House of Representatives and the Senate in a bipartisan way, “Pelosi said.

Manchin will continue to face pressure from voting activists. The Fair Fight Action of a voting group led by activist and former Georgia Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams Announcing a one-month campaign Helps mobilize young voters in relation to the For the People Act. Pastor William Barber II, who leads the poor march, Tweeted on monday His organization, in support of the bill, will lead “Moral March on Manchin” in West Virginia.

Parliamentarians in 48 states have submitted over 380 bills that limit voting rights. According to the Brennan Center for JusticeIn some states, including Georgia, Arizona, and Florida, changes to the voting process have already been signed by law. Bill to Overhaul Texas Elections It is temporarily stagnant.

Melissa Quinn and Nikole Killion contributed to this report.

Manchin meets with civil rights leaders after rejecting Democratic voting bill

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