Manhunt intensifies as authorities warn that some rioters may face sedition charges

Washington — On Tuesday, federal law enforcement officials committed serious crimes during an attack on the Capitol last week, even as new evidence surfaced that the FBI, police, and the White House were warned of potential violence that day. He vowed to accelerate the national investigation of hundreds of people.

Michael R. Sherwin, deputy U.S. federal prosecutor in Washington, called the scope of the attack on the Capitol “unmatched” and has already filed more than 170 proceedings, including 100,000 digital hints. Said. He promised that prosecutors could be prosecuted for plots, murders and other felony charges in the coming weeks.

“There are literally thousands of potential witnesses,” Sherwin said at a press conference in Washington, “outside and inside the Capitol grounds is essentially a crime scene.”

High-ranking government officials said his statement raised evidence that lawmakers and others hid themselves from angry mobs and five people were killed in the riots and nearby riots before the harsh incident in the Capitol. Possibility of violence. Symptoms included two FBI reports warning of war and the bombing of buildings at the Midwestern State Capitol, and the White House meeting where President Trump and top military officials discussed the deployment of National Guard. ..

In one case, FBI officials admitted that a Virginia investigator had warned a day ago about the threat of a violent attack on parliamentarians. Warnings that officials said they shared with the Washington DC police and others included reports of violent language, referring to people sharing a map of the tunnel, and those participating in the protest. “It should be ready for war,” quoted from an online thread where people said, “according to the Washington Post, which first reported on the FBI document.

In another report, law enforcement officials said the FBI office in Minneapolis issued a breaking news at the end of last month about a so-called Boogaloo movement rally scheduled to take place nationwide on January 17. Members of the movement, an extremist ideology that seeks to trigger a Second Sudanese Civil War to overthrow the government, blast the Capitol building and discuss their willingness to die for their purposes. Yahoo News reports.

Did the existence of the two reports know the threat of violence in the days before Mr. Trump or other White House officials urged supporters to gather in Washington on January 6 before the president urged supporters? I asked a question about it. A rally to go to the Houses of Parliament to oppose the recognition of the 2020 elections.

“We never give up. We never give up,” Trump said, just before many of them broke barriers, raided officers, and raided the House and Senate halls. I told my supporters.

In the week before the event, Mr. Trump initially expressed his support for what he expected, the use of the National Guard for the upset by left-wing Antifa activists during the rally. He didn’t ask the Pentagon directly, people familiar with his conversation said.

On Sunday before the attack, top military officials, including Deputy Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller and General Mark A. Milly, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, explained to President Robert C. O’Brien. I met the Secretary of Defense and later Mr. Trump. The president “agrees” with plans to deploy hundreds of unarmed National Guards agreed by the Pentagon, the US Capitol, and the office of Mayor Muriel Bowser in Washington.

According to people familiar with the meeting, Mr. Trump basically told the group to “do whatever you need to do.”

The day before the riot, law enforcement officials called another senior government official to raise concerns that left-wing agitators and supporters of president-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. might clash with Trump’s supporters. Expressed. Those familiar with the call did not mention the possibility of someone trying to attack the Capitol.

Law enforcement officials are aware that the FBI is aware of 82 groups that will protest based on registration with the U.S. Park Police, and Mr. Bauser has requested hundreds of troops from the National Guard but is unarmed. Stated.

A White House official said the most obvious sign that law enforcement did not recognize a legitimate threat to the Capitol was the fact that Vice President Mike Pence visited there to preside over certification. Stated. If FBI or Justice Department officials considered the real possibility of assault on the building, the Secret Service would never have allowed it, officials said.

But the FBI’s report and official briefing at the White House weren’t just warnings that some of Mr. Trump’s supporters were going to do more in Washington than just protesting.

An online commentary on the Capitol attack appeared shortly after Mr. Trump tweeted on December 19 and called on supporters to oppose proof of election results. “A big protest in Washington, DC on January 6th. Being there, you’ll be wild!” He wrote.

According to SITE, a private group that monitors terrorist threats around the world, people soon posted his tweet as an indication that the president wanted his supporters to act violently. I grabbed it. On one website, one suggested that “Will Be Wild is a hidden message for us to prepare, as if armed.” Another said, “I took it that way.”

It’s unclear if Mr. Trump knew of an online conversation about his tweet, but social media director Dance Cavino keeps the president up to date with what his supporters are saying online. Is known for. In the weeks leading up to the attack, people spoke openly about violent action against the Houses of Parliament and members meeting internally to prove the outcome of the election, according to SITE.

“If Congress votes against the true will of the people, in the face of all the evidence of fraud and corruption, yes, it begins to march to the Chamber of Commerce,” wrote one user.

Many of the online messages directly threatened the welfare of Congressmen.

“The purpose is Congress,” wrote one, after taking control of the Capitol, Trump supporters said either “dead or justifying Trump as a legitimate winner.” He added that he should ensure that he leaves.

On the morning of January 6, Mr. Trump and other speakers used paid words to liven up the crowd. Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s private lawyer, called for a “duel trial,” and Mr. Trump cheered, “Fight for Trump!” Fight for Trump! When he spoke.

“You will never regain our country with weakness,” he said after urging the crowd to head to the Capitol. “You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

Stephen M. Dantuono, head of the FBI’s Washington Field office, defended the station at a press conference on Tuesday, warnings from Virginia were immediately shared with other law enforcement agencies, and information came from one thread. Emphasized that. It wasn’t due to the message board and anyone. Another law enforcement officer said it was unsubstantiated.

“We need to distinguish between ambitious and intentional and determine which of the sneaky individuals on the Internet are practicing keyboard bravery.” D’Antuono said.

Justice ministry officials said live intelligence, detailing the online threat to the president’s political opponents, has been relatively common for the past four years, but rarely leads to violence. Law enforcement officers probably incorporated that context into the evaluation of the report.

He said other intelligence agencies had urged authorities to thwart the trips of several who were planning to attend rallies, including neo-Nazis. He said Enrique Tario, the leader of the Proud Boys group, known for fighting in protest, was arrested shortly after arriving in Washington for the event.

Washington investigators and prosecutors are working to arrest those who attacked the Capitol, but top federal leaders, including FBI Director Christopher A. Ray and Deputy Justice Secretary Jeffrey A. Rosen, are publicly briefing. TV appearances to hold and reassure the country.

The chilling sight from the Capitol, along with many threats, rattled lawmakers who received a security briefing on Monday.

In a statement, a top Democrat in the House of Representatives said, “We must do more to anticipate, invade and prevent deadly and incendiary assaults by domestic violent extremists. That’s clear. ” “This was not an unruly peaceful protest. It was a coup attempt to upset our constitutional process.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been working to strengthen security and coordination in the days leading up to its inauguration, despite the FBI issuing warnings of armed protests at all 50 State Capitols in the coming days. .. The warning also includes information about unidentified groups asking others to join “storm” state, local and federal courts if Mr. Trump is dismissed by the president before his inauguration date. I did.

According to law enforcement officials, FBI top executives, including Ray and his deputy David L. Bowditch, were expected to explain the investigation to local law enforcement agencies across the country on Wednesday.

The prison bureau, which sent 100 police officers to Washington last week, will have more specially trained police officers on standby for several days before taking office, according to a spokesman for the bureau. It is unclear if they need to be deployed, but police officers are empowered to enforce federal criminal law, including arrests. Homeland Security officials also talked about deploying additional tactical agents in Washington this week, according to Homeland Security officials.

And prosecutors accused a man in the suburbs of Chicago of having made a disturbing call to Congressman last month for intimidating him to use violence at Mr. Biden’s inauguration. ..

The federal security’s high alertness contrasts with the treatment of Mr. Trump’s rally prior to last week’s violence.

Justice ministry officials said a street fight in Washington in mid-December in which Trump supporters clashed with anti-Trump protesters in a skirmish, resulting in stabs and other attacks, according to two government officials. I was expecting a scene similar to.

Federal prosecutors continued to hunt down the suspect from the riots. Some of the arrested were the son of Judge Brooklyn wearing a fur pelt in videos and photos, and what looked like a bulletproof vest while holding a parliamentary police shield. A federal prosecutor in the District of Columbia also revealed new details in a lawsuit against Alabama man Ronnie L. Koffman, who was charged with bringing 11 Molotov cocktails into a riot last week.

In a bail, the prosecution said 70-year-old Coffman was found after a riot with weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, two pistols, crossbows, stun guns, and bags of “camosmoke” canisters. It was.

He also had a handwritten note mentioning Congressman Andre Carson, a Democrat in Indiana. “One of the two Muslims in the House of Representatives,” he said. In addition, according to prosecutors, Mr. Coffman had what appears to be contact information for Fox News host Sean Hanity, conservative radio host Mark Levin, and Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz. That is.

Report provided by Alan Fur, Maggie Huberman, Zoran Kanno-Youth, Mark Mazzetti And Eric schmidt..

Manhunt intensifies as authorities warn that some rioters may face sedition charges

Source link Manhunt intensifies as authorities warn that some rioters may face sedition charges

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