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Manitou Springs mask mandate lifted, helping businesses bounce back – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Manitou Springs, Colorado (KXRM) — Manitou Springs’ business is reviving after a pandemic. On Wednesday, the city’s mask obligations were lifted, and store owners and restaurants say it helps relieve their pressure.

Mackenzie Helms, Marketing Coordinator for the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce, said:

A very necessary surprise for a mountain town that relies heavily on keeping doors open all year round for summer visitors.

“The more people come to town, the more people there are and the more tourists,” said Scott Wood, manager of the Manito Brewing Company. “This is a big part of our sales.”

According to Helms, Manitou accommodations fell by 50% in 2020, and visitor center traffic fell by nearly 70%. However, Helms added that most of the town’s small businesses have survived the pandemic and new businesses are on track.

“All the vacant properties are basically all filled at this point, and traffic from business owners is returning to town,” Helms said.

Just this week, Manitou Springs joined other cities in the neighborhood and withdrew its mask mandate.

“It’s good that sometimes you don’t have to force yourself to feel uncomfortable, but fortunately not many people were dissatisfied with this,” Wood added.

Sales are recovering at Manitou Brewing Co., and employees said the reopening of Cog Railway has helped them recover.

“A wave of people enjoying the mountains, Pikes Peak and beer is coming to town. It’s a big plus to lift the mask obligations and reopen the gears,” Wood said.

City leaders, including Mayor John Graham, are also more optimistic about this year’s tourism season than last year.

We are pleased to have successfully started 2021. With gears reopening, businesses booming and COVID-19 slowing, we look forward to something equally great happening to local shops and communities this year.

John Graham, Mayor of Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs mask mandate lifted, helping businesses bounce back Source link Manitou Springs mask mandate lifted, helping businesses bounce back

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