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One-third of schools in Colorado’s second-largest district use a state-rejected reading program, and researchers have panned to promote a strategy that goes against science.

Another 20% of schools in the Jeffco district with 84,000 students rely solely on the district’s core reading curriculum. Some educators and school board members say that navigating is difficult and there are many holes.

These issues were revealed in response to long-standing requests from parents, advocacy groups and the media to release information after Jeffco officials released a school-specific list of the K-3 reading curriculum on October 9. became. Previously, district leaders were unaware of what each of Jeffco’s 90 district-run primary schools and K-8 schools used to teach their children how to read.

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The list of reading curriculums shows not only the major differences between Jeffco’s schools, but also schools in many districts that do not comply with 2019 state law requiring the use of the science-backed K-3 reading curriculum.

Colorado’s groundbreaking 2012 reading law update, lawmakers and parents, said the original law, the READ law, spent hundreds of millions of dollars but barely boosted reading scores. , And was born of dissatisfaction from advocacy groups.

According to the latest state test results, only about 41% of Colorado’s third graders can read well. In Jeffco, that percentage is 46%, but school districts are ranked lower than states by another indicator of how much their students are improving each year.

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