Many people get the COVID-19 vaccine, but hesitation remains — CBS News polls

Most people say they may get or at least do so COVID-19 vaccine Many people are still on the fence when they are qualified, or when they already have it, but about it. Many of them say they’ll probably get it, and then some say they don’t.

Asked why he is skeptical about the vaccine and its development, or not, he is worried about the side effects. Some people don’t trust either the government or the person who developed the shot. And here too, a partisan view is at work.



Also, one in five said they had never been vaccinated, and similar numbers said they were not worried about the coronavirus.

Democrats tend to say “yes” much more than Republicans and independents. Both of the latter groups want to wait and see what happens. This is one of the main reasons for not saying “yes”. (In other polls across the pandemic, Republicans were generally less concerned about viruses than Democrats, but for less reason here compared to untested and concerns about side effects. There is none.)


Considering who says they get a shot and who already has it, there are some differences between races, and black and Hispanic respondents are a little less likely to say they have already taken it. .. However, among those who have not yet taken a shot, the ultimate willingness to take a shot is equal across whites, blacks, and Hispanic Americans. Some of this is also related to partisanship.


And in many discussions about school and reopening, Americans are mixed. Only one-third want a school to be fully open as usual on a full schedule, but most often want at least some limited reopening on a partial or rotation schedule. is. Again, there are differences in the factions. Republicans are far more than Democrats and are calling for the reopening of the entire school. These split views are emerging, especially among parents, but to a similar number, about one-third are looking for a fully open school.


A CBS News survey of 1,500 adult citizens in the United States was conducted by YouGov from February 21st to 24th, 2021. This sample is weighted based on gender, age, race, and education, based on the American Community Survey conducted by the United States Department. Census, and 2020 presidential election and registration status. The margin of error is ± 2.7 points.

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Many people get the COVID-19 vaccine, but hesitation remains — CBS News polls

Source link Many people get the COVID-19 vaccine, but hesitation remains — CBS News polls

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