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Horry County, South Carolina (WBTW) — State-wide school district leaders have filled more vacant teacher positions than usual this summer, but support staff have the same number of vacant seats for most people. Astonishing.

News13 in each district contacted the cafeteria and administrative staff for vacancies, but a common problem in all districts is the lack of bus drivers.

“We are always looking for a bus driver,” said Angelia Scott, Human Resources Director at Florence School District 3.

Florence School District 3 serves approximately 3,300 students in Oranta, Lake City, Cowards and Scranton. At its July board meeting, the district stated that drivers were “urgently needed.”

The shortage of bus drivers is not unique to Florence Three.

“Looking at vacancies across the school district and across the country, it’s a national issue,” said Mary Anderson, Chief Human Resources Officer at Horry County Schools.

According to a national survey of Hop Skip Drive, 78% of respondents said they were “suffering from a shortage of bus drivers.”

District leaders at Horry County Schools said they needed to: Hire about 100 drivers Fully staffed and they are hoping to start this year with a shortage.

In July, the district held a job fair for recruiting jobs, but leaders said they weren’t as successful as they needed to be.

“We are running [374] Not everything is on the road due to the shortage of school buses, but the transportation department has supervisors and other employees with CDL licenses to pick up routes. ” Spokesman Lisa said. Brucie said.

Bourcier adds that school districts are likely to have to change routes and timings to accommodate students and drivers.

The change in arrival times for Florence 1 School students began in the first week of school. The district issued the following statement after dozens of families complained that their children were hours late to get home.

“The Florence 1 School Transport Authority is operating this year under a serious shortage of bus drivers. Despite the shortage, transportation is working hard to serve students on the bus. We believe that parents and community members are aware that the shortage of drivers is not only a problem for Florence 1 School, but also for states and countries. Current bus drivers are on their current route. In addition to operating more than 14 dual routes, student arrivals / dismissals are delayed. Fortunately, in addition to maintaining normal work obligations, as a bus driver There are more than 14 Florence 1 school staff who have agreed to play a role. In addition, due to the many delays in registration, our transportation department was transported to and from the school this first week. We had to deal with students who weren’t supposed to be there. This added more students and more time to the route, making late arrivals even more complicated. To resolve, we have also set up a hotline for parents / guardians to make calls. The phone number is 843-954-5100. Florence 1 School is for the safe movement of students to and from the school. We want the community to know that we are doing our best. We continue to strive to reduce bus driver shortages and improve student transportation, so we have parental patience and understanding. I’m looking for. “

Returning to Holly County, the district offers bus drivers a bonus of up to $ 1,500 per semester for freshmen and returning drivers.

Other districts are raising their hourly wages.

“This year we looked at the wage table and actually moved several departments, including bus drivers,” said Scott of FS3.

Horry County Schools will hold another bus driver job fair on Thursday, August 12th.

Many school districts experiencing shortage in support staff Source link Many school districts experiencing shortage in support staff

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