Many UK gas stations are depleted in panic buying

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At least half of the UK’s gas stations outside the highway network ran out of fuel after the British panicked because of a lack of fuel supply due to a shortage of tanker drivers.

Brian Maderson, chairman of the Gasoline Retailers Association, an industry group, said on Sunday that all independent service stations except the highway front yard and some supermarket sites where oil is prioritized. Companies that have shown that 50-85% of their are depleted.

The government temporarily exempts the energy industry, including producers, suppliers, carriers and retailers, from the 1998 competition law on Sunday night, giving priority to companies sharing information and delivering to the areas of greatest need. Announced to be able to do it.

Maderson said last week it was a “manageable problem” of local shortages on a small number of retail sites. It was spiraling immediately After media reports on supply issues triggered driver panic buying, some members said on Saturday that demand was “500 percent above normal levels” and quickly ran out of fuel tanks in the vestibule.

There are approximately 8,000 gas stations in the UK, most of which are run by independent retailers, some of which operate franchises under the brands of major oil companies.

Maderson told the Financial Times that the short-term problem was “buying panic,” but the root cause was “the government stalling the problem of the number of transport drivers on the ground.” ..

Ministers succumbed to business pressure on Saturday and announced they would issue Temporary visa To 5,000 foreign heavy duty vehicle drivers to help the logistics industry tackle major labor shortages.

The government move came after a series of panic buying BP says Last week, a shortage of tank truck drivers disrupted as many as 100 service stations and closed several outposts.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps urged people to be “wise” on Sunday, saying that Britain’s six refineries and 47 storage facilities have ample fuel.

“The most important thing is that people actually drive the car as usual and fill it up as usual, so they don’t have to line up and run out of pumps,” he said. I told Sky News.

Outlined the move to temporarily exempt the energy industry from the 1998 competition law on Sunday night, business secretary Kwasi Kwaten said so-called Downstream oil protocol We ensure that sectors can share important information and work together to minimize disruption.

“Although refineries and terminals always have large amounts of fuel, we are aware that there are some problems in the supply chain,” he added.

Previously, drivers were surprised at gas stations by warnings that oil companies might need to limit deliveries due to a shortage of HGV drivers just by calling on the public to curb them. It wasn’t enough to stop the rush.

On weekends, many service stations saw long lines. BP, which operates one of the UK’s largest fuel networks, including many highway sites, estimates on Sunday that 30% of branded service stations “currently do not have any of the major grades of fuel.” He said he did.

Royal Dutch Shell, which operates a large fuel network like BP, said both are working hard to replenish their supply.

But industry insiders said that when faced with a panic buy, energy companies can do little but wait for it to disappear.

Shell said it was filling up the missing sites “quickly, usually within 24 hours.”

BP states: “We continue to work hard with carrier Hoyer to optimize fuel distribution and minimize the level of disruption.”

The depletion of gas stations is increasing pressure on the government, which the government is working on. Collapsed energy supplier Following soaring wholesale prices for gas and electricity.

Homes are prepared for much higher energy prices — one of the factors that prompted the warning Crisis of living expenses This winter.

Maderson welcomed the government’s plans to ease visa requirements for foreign workers, but the biggest problem lies with the driver’s license agency, a branch of the Ministry of Transport, where truck driver applications are about to begin training. Said there was a considerable backlog of the person.

“Organizing the DVLA is a top priority,” says Madderson.

The industry, which relies heavily on fuel supplies, said there was growing concern about what would happen in the coming days.

Steve Wright, chair of the Licensed Private Hire Car Association, an industry group, said he had asked the transport sector to grant emergency service status to licensed vehicles that allow priority access to fuel.

He added that fuel shortages would have “catastrophic consequences” as private cars were heavily used to transport hospital patients and students with disabilities.

Additional report by Nic Fildes and Jim Pickard

Many UK gas stations are depleted in panic buying

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