Many workers face compulsory Covid vaccination or have no jobs

Firefighter Emergency Lifesaving Officer Cuevas (R) administers a Covid-19 vaccination dose to a person at a vaccination event at Culver City Fire Department 1 on August 5, 2021 in Culver City, California. increase.

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As more and more people return to work after months of working from home, the issue of vaccination status becomes more and more important and more and more often a condition of employment.

In both the United States and Europe, more and more jobs and sectors are demanding people to be fully vaccinated with Covid-19, not only in more obvious public roles such as health care and education, but also in technology and hospitality. , Travel and financial sector.

When the Covid vaccine was launched in the United States and Europe about nine months ago, most of the workforce had to wait in line to receive shots, giving priority to older people and health care workers. It was.

However, since then, vaccination in high-income countries has become more accessible to all adults, and employers have encouraged staff to immunize both in order to return workers’ health and business to normal. increase.

As the impetus for vaccination unfolds in the rest of the unimmunized society, primarily in adolescence Unvaccinated adults can find it increasingly difficult to get back to work or get a job In some sectors and companies.

I can’t afford to work

Last week, President Joe Biden warned that he was “less patient” with regard to unvaccinated people, and the net was further closed to unvaccinated people.

In a very harsh tone, Biden outlined the plan last Thursday To increase Covid vaccination rates across the country, it pressures private employers to immunize the workforce and requires federal employees, contractors and health care workers to be vaccinated.

The share of job listings requiring vaccination has skyrocketed since it was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Full approval of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on August 23In fact, job sites show an increasing trend among employers who demand full immunity from their candidates.

“a few weeks ago, Indeed job listings requiring vaccination have begun to take off Indeed Hiring Lab economist Ann Elizabeth Konkel added that the percentage of posts per million, especially those requiring vaccination against Covid, increased by 119% over the seven days to August 30. ..

Job listings that required vaccination but did not specify Covid followed the same trend, increasing by 242% over the same period.Indeed, Indeed said that such posts requiring vaccination were less than 1% of all classified ads on the site, although the number could increase. Was

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In the seven days to August 30, the percentage of job listings per million people who recommend vaccination instead of requesting it increased by 40% month-on-month.

“As the number of cases of Delta variants is skyrocketing, employers are undoubtedly looking at ways to get their business back on track. Vaccine requirements keep staff and customers safer and keep their business running. It’s a way to continue, “says Conkel.

“In the coming weeks, it’s important to monitor whether job listings that encourage vaccination lose to those who need shots. Employers who don’t advertise vaccination probably have their stance. I’m betting that I’ll step into finding workers … but some experts will argue that it will have a negative impact on public health. “

Which job wants vaccination?

Indeed’s job data shows job ads that require immunization, while the number of job ads that require vaccination has increased dramatically in some sectors. Remains a small percentage of all the work offered..

Not surprisingly, given the front-line nature of the sector, the proportion of vaccinated jobs in the personal care and home health industry increased by 333% in the month to August 30 and community and social services. It increased by 326% in the sector. Indeed data shown.

However, in other sectors, vaccination requirements are also shown in more job listings.

For example, the percentage of jobs requiring vaccination in the legal sector increased by 210% in the month to August 30, increased by 146% in the education sector, increased by 219% in the administrative support sector, and 180% in the media. Increased. Communication industry.

Throughout the state, Arizona was the national leader in vaccination-requiring job listings, and Washington was second. Regionally, the West Coast and New England had a slightly higher share of vaccination-requiring jobs than the rest of the country.

“As the delta variant causes havoc, vaccination rates are increasing, but when winter comes, some employers handle the problem on their own by mandating vaccination. Vaccination-requiring job information is spread across different sectors and geographic locations. This trend is even more advanced. At the same time, few job seekers are looking for opportunities that do not specifically require vaccination. But it’s increasing, “says Conkel.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

McDonald’s is one of the companies that has announced that US-based office workers will be required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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Influential US lobbying group AARP is increasingly asking whether both those looking for a job and those currently employed need to be vaccinated against Covid if they want to continue working. It states that it is.

“Easy Answer: Yes. If you want to continue working there, your employer can require vaccination, but potential concerns related to the disability you may have and religious bans on vaccination. There are serious exceptions to our beliefs, “says AARP. In late August.

“Despite the prevalence of Delta variants, many Americans are still hesitant to get vaccinated, so more employers need to be vaccinated or work. I’m telling workers that if they want to go back to, they need to wear a mask and follow a strict regiment of practicing physical distance. Refusing vaccination can lead to unemployment and unemployment benefits. It may not be covered. “

What the employer should do

When millions of people return to the office after months of working from home, Increasing reports of tensions between vaccinated and unvaccinated workers..

Employment professionals say it is important for employers to communicate openly and clearly with employees about vaccination expectations and safety protocols before returning to work.

“Employers must give employees appropriate notice about return dates, immunization requirements, on-site work rules and accommodation procedures,” said an employment lawyer at the New York law firm Blankroma. And partner Anthony Mingione told CNBC. last week.

“Effective communication also includes communicating expectations for workplace etiquette, reminding workers of the privacy rights of their colleagues, and proactively understanding the consequences of violations. Employers are employees. You also need to be prepared to deal with the problems that arise when personnel become available. Lack of childcare or school closures, weakened families, or affected by Covid-19 quarantine. Beyond following, the most important thing in resolving a dispute is to apply policies consistently, “he said.

Lucy Lewis, a partner at Global Human Resources Attorney Luis Silkin, has a company open dialogue between employees and employers for employers facing persistent vaccine hesitation among workers. He said it is best to establish.

“In our experience, the most successful way to discuss the need for vaccination was to listen positively. Encourage employees to share why they are not vaccinated. Depending on the situation, there may be a real underlying reason. [e.g. medical] Why vaccination is not possible, and in such cases, other measures can be taken [e.g. regular testing for office attendance]”She said.

In any case, such discussions provide an opportunity to encourage vaccination by explaining why it is important, “and reluctant employees can rely on information on vaccine safety. Make sure you rely on sources, “Lewis said.

Many workers face compulsory Covid vaccination or have no jobs

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