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MAPS 4 Board gets to work on two RFPs for potential project operators – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — The MAPS 4 Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) met on Thursday to begin the early stages of two major projects totaling $ 120 million.

The CAB reviewed the language and process of a request for proposal (RFP) for potential operators of the two key components of the project’s MAPS 4 slate.

  • The RFP has been approved as an operating partner for the MAPS4 Youth Center.
  • Another RFP has been approved to find a development / operation partner for the MAPS4 homeless package.

The board consists of one citizen per ward, one large member, one rotating city council member (now Mark Stonecipher in District 8), and MAPS Program Manager David Todd. ..

Marty Peercy reports local government

RFP process

The RFP process for MAPS 4 projects is almost the same as any other RFP that the city provides to vendors for most projects.

In most cases, but not all, the RFP selection process begins before the design phase.

Most projects will have some pre-design work going on, but we will wait for specific design work and site selection until an operating partner is selected. In this way, the operating partner can be closely involved in the design and construction, so the facility fits the purpose.

Both RFPs approved at the Thursday meeting have very different requirements, but are temporarily advertised before the selection process begins.

Prior to selection, there is a pre-suggestion meeting for interested bidders. This conference is an opportunity for potential vendors to ask questions about RFPs and projects. However, according to Jason Cotton of MAPS Consulting Form ADG, these meetings are usually quiet because the rooms are full of business competitors.

At the time of selection, bidders selected by the selection committee must be approved by the city council.

Youth Center RFP

The first project discussed at the meeting on Thursday was the MAPS4 Youth Center.

The project is expected to generate $ 70 million in revenue and the board is seeking one operator.

This is a departure from the MAPS3 Senior Wellness Center. Each center has its own operating partner.

MAPS Program Manager David Todd explained that the Willa Johnson Recreation Center will open relatively soon. The youth center must be equipped with Johnson Center programming and equipment, as the facility is not part of the MAPS package.

Achieving and implementing fairness can be easier if only one entity is responsible for the youth center system.

District 7 Monique Bruner expressed concern that various vendors may not be funded to bid on such a large project.

Todd and the consultant explained that one legal entity needs to be in charge of the entire project, but that legal entity wants to subcontract with other providers to provide a variety of programming.

The city council has set the intent of this project that its operating policy promotes partnerships with existing organizations in the community that serve young people.

The $ 70 million price tag includes the construction of at least four new youth centers and the refurbishment of existing park facilities that may function as youth centers.

RFP approval by the CAB moves the item to the city council for approval. If approved, the RFP will be promoted from 22 December. The pre-proposal meeting will be held on January 20th. The deadline for proposals is February 16th. Vendors will be selected by March 2022.

The RFP was unanimously approved by the CAB.

Homeless RFP

Most MAPS projects for the homeless are much more abstract than before.

It focuses on housing, especially housing-first model services for people experiencing the homeless, but also includes funding for “wraparound services.” This is an industry terminology that refers to the many case management services that people often need after housing a home to maintain it.

This operator and development partner must be a government agency if it is significantly different from a regular RFP created for a MAPS project.

When asked about an example of a government agency that might be interested in partnering with the project, David Todd was the entity that the Oklahoma City Housing Authority (OCHA) first marketed for this project as part of MAPS4. I pointed out that.

The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health / Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) may also be a partner.

The project will be offered for $ 50 million in five $ 10 million phases. Vendors can apply for one phase or all five phases.

Some of the money is reserved for truly affordable housing for people living in Area Mean Income (AMI) below 60%, while some money is reserved for people with 60% to 100% AMI. For housing for. It is called a “worker’s house”.

The key to the ability of the organization to run this project is to leverage MAPS 4 funding for future opportunities to address homelessness, a requirement not found in many MAPS projects.

Also, apart from many other projects on this slate, development and operations partners are expected to design and demonstrate measurable results and “citizen surveillance”.

The RFP was approved by the CAB on Thursday and will be considered by the city council on 21 December. If approved by the city council, the RFP will be advertised on 22 December. The pre-proposal meeting will be held on January 12th. The deadline request for proposal is February 9th, and the selection must be done by March.

The MAPS4 Citizens Advisory Board will meet again in January.

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MAPS 4 Board gets to work on two RFPs for potential project operators Source link MAPS 4 Board gets to work on two RFPs for potential project operators

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